What if I die tomorrow

The mellow spring breeze over my dead body

Carrying away my soul

Riding into the sunset or something like that

I hope I smiled, dying without too much pain for you might pity me

In the final hours of my life

Take whatever I have for they never last

Use them for your good for you never last

Lie me down in a grass field by the sea

On a sunny day, or whenever is convenient

Give me a hole, a home to share with bunnies and worms

Let me rest with the sounds of the never-ending tide, then I shall

Come to terms with gravity and all other magical forces

Surrender my carbon oxygen nitrogen phosphorus to new lives

Offspring of creatures old and new

I wish I could grow a tree

Above me, giving the occasional traveller a shoulder to lean on for I never had

Beneath me, allowing the vibrant fungi to nurture from me for I never did

Next to me, sheltering the fresh Daisy from the scouring sun for I never did have

Next to you, protecting who you love from the pouring rain for I never have done

The day when my remains finally decompose will be

The day I become everlasting

You really don’t need to visit me or miss me

I’ll be okay

(inspired by the fire alarm that woke me up and made me run out of my hall at midnight. At one point I did contemplate just going back to my inviting bed instead.)

Programmer, Student

Programmer, Student