Amazon Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

Amazon is a super power e-commerce giant all around the World. They have broken records in all areas of business and have become one of the largest companies in the World.

In this article, we collected some of the best Amazon statistics that will literally blow your mind:

When shoppers know what gift they want: 59% will start on Amazon, 24% on a search engine, and 16% at a retailer that has that product. (source: Clicks)

In the early days of Amazon, a bell would ring in the office every time someone made a purchase, and everyone would gather around to see if they knew the customer. (source: Business Insider)

Amazon ships 35 items every second. (source: Unboxing Deals)

Amazon ships 35 items every second.CLICK TO TWEET

Amazon holds the patent for one-click ordering (which is licenses to many large companies like Apple). (source: Unboxing Deals)

90% of consumers will check Amazon even if they’ve found their product elsewhere. (source: Clicks)

Amazon’s Net sales in 2016 was over $136 billion dollars. (source: Statista)

It cost Amazon about $7 billion dollars a year on shopping costs. (source: Statista)

Amazon has over 27 million Facebook followers, 2.6 million Twitter Followers and 997,000 Instagram Followers.

As of 2017, 51% of paid items were sold by 3rd party sellers and not Amazon itself. (source: Statista)

There are currently about 398,040,250 products on Amazon. (source: ScrapeHero)

Electronics make up 91 million of those products on Amazon. (source: ScrapeHero)

Amazon currently owns (from acquisitions) over 80 companies in all different sectors. (source: Market Watch)

Whole Foods was Amazon’s biggest acquisition to date, at $13.7 billion. (source: Market Watch)

Amazon owns 10 percent of North American E-Commerce. Office Depot, Stapes, Apple, Dell, WalMart, Sears, and Liberty all own another 10 percent of the market, the same size as Amazon. That leaves 1,000+ retailers to all fight for the remaining 80 percent. (source: Business Insider)

in 2017, Amazon has about 341,000 employees all around the World and one of the fastest growing work forces. (source: Geekwire) gets about 2 billion visitors to its website, each month. (source: Statista)

50% of online shoppers in the United states are on the Amazon mobile app. (source: Expanded Ramblings)

Nearly half of web shoppers go directly to Amazon for product searches. (source: App Eagle)

80% of customers in the US purchased items on Amazon at least once a month. (source: Expanded Ramblings)

There are currently over 45,000 robots working in the Amazon warehouses. (source: Expanded Ramblings)

There are currently over 45,000 robots working in the Amazon warehouses.CLICK TO TWEET

There was a 300% year-over-year increase in traffic to from Prime users, versus 53% growth in user accounts, which suggests that Prime subscribers often go straight to Amazon’s homepage to begin a product search. (source: Business Insider)

Less than 1% of Prime users visited competing retail sites while shopping on Amazon, versus 12% and 8% at Walmart and Target for non-Prime Amazon users. (source: Business Insider)

Amazon has over 2 million servers to host its websites, products and services. (source: Bloomberg)

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