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Hey, folks. It’s Ty, back at it with another steamy romance fan-fic about coding.

I’ve been programming and making web apps for almost a decade now. I started in early 2012, so more like 8 years.

In the last 8 years, I’ve crushed every interview I’ve ever had. Even on a couple of interviews where my whiteboarding or code exercises didn’t go perfectly, my charisma and passion always got me through. Until today that is.

I just had a coding interview with a contracting company that I won’t name. Their time slots were weird, and the next few weeks are…

Hey, folks. Just here to share a quick code snippet with you that might save you 5 minutes.

The other day I was hitting a web service from a javascript function. For some reason, the service call was causing navigation and I couldn’t figure out why. I knew I was preventing the default event behavior, so that couldn’t be it. Here’s an example of what that code could have looked like:

Some of you might have already caught the issue. I’ve turned my linting off here because it turns out that part of my problem was that my linting plugin…

The modern hope for Linux laptop hardware. Or is it?

Unix For Life

Hey, folks. If you’re anything like me, you probably love developing software on a Unix system. Not something embedded or added as an afterthought (looking at you, WSL), but the real deal. For the last 7 years or so I’ve been using Apple hardware. If you’ve been following their hardware shennanies over the last couple of years, then you are probably up to date with the frustrations that developers have been feeling. …

With a focus on Software Engineering

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Perhaps it is the case that most people are born with such a strong intuition about the world that they never have to search for a direction for their lives. Like a compass they know exactly which direction to point in at all times, only succumbing to self-doubt amidst great chaos. If that describes you then, by all means, do not waste your time on my thoughts, for they come from a place of much greater confusion.

I am a strong proponent of optimistic empiricism. By empiricism, I…

If you have been awake and present in the world of guitar and progressive music anytime in the last decade, then you likely already know who Tosin Abasi is. He is an amazing instrumentalist, considered by many guitarists to be one of the best to ever touch the instrument by the time he was in his mid-twenties. Tosin is most well-known for his incredible technique, playing the eight-string guitar and taking everything about the stringed apparatus to the next level. …

Hello, Node devs. This will be a quick one today.

I was recently implementing a Duplex Stream in Node js for a use case at work. I had everything set up just like I wanted. I had my abstractions in place for where the data was coming from, I had the consumer of the data all ready to go, and, yes, I even had tests already written. Here is some very basic boilerplate for a Duplex Stream that just saves the incoming data to a buffer.

Some of you may have noticed the mistake already, but let's give it…

The Evolution of Life

I work from home as a Software Engineer and I periodically find myself in a bit of a lull with work. The other day I was running some test cases against large data sets to test performance, and while the tests ran I was just pacing in my office. I started doing a little self-reflection and I realized that there’s a lot more I could be doing to push myself in my career. A big goal of mine is to get an online presence together since I avoid social media for the most part. …

I doubt that many people will stumble across this blog. This post serves as an introduction of sorts for those of you who have yet to have the displeasure of my company, as well as a mission statement for the purpose of my writing.

At the time of writing, I am 26 years old. I work remotely as a full-time software engineer (a term which here means Code Monkey, shout-outs to both Lemony Snicket and Jonathan Coulton) for a company called SemanticBits. A bit of a nerd, I recently started hosting a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for some friends and…

Ty Tracey

Software engineer, musician, and aspiring humanitarian. Call me Ty.

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