I doubt that many people will stumble across this blog. This post serves as an introduction of sorts for those of you who have yet to have the displeasure of my company, as well as a mission statement for the purpose of my writing.

At the time of writing, I am 26 years old. I work remotely as a full-time software engineer (a term which here means Code Monkey, shout-outs to both Lemony Snicket and Jonathan Coulton) for a company called SemanticBits. A bit of a nerd, I recently started hosting a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for some friends and family. Please, ladies, one at a time.

As of December 2016, I consider myself a guitarist. I did, indeed, own a guitar for years before that, but does owning a bike imply that you are a competitive rider? Most of the time my guitar sat collecting dust because I had no idea what to do with it. My focus on Music Theory and Musical Philosophy has allowed me to progress much faster than I expected.

The goal of this blog is to discuss my thoughts on various topics, ranging from Music Theory to Social Darwinism and Functional Programming. This is not necessarily because I believe my thoughts are worth reading, but more a personal endeavor to record my thoughts somewhere for future discussion and criticism, both from myself and others. I find that I tend to think more clearly about things when I need to present them, either formally or informally.

I personally believe that knowledge behaves like an organism, and is dynamic in nature and constantly evolving. It makes sense for me to expose my thoughts to the public, however foolish they may seem, if only to have someone point out something previously unknown to me. I would rather look like a fool and learn something in the process than keep my thoughts to myself and stay safe.

I aim to understand the world around me by applying the proven processes of science and mathematical analysis, where applicable. It is important to note that my objective is not to be right or to prove a specific point. Rather, I want to take my current knowledge on a subject, apply some analysis, and use that analysis to create a model of the subject that I can then reflect on to refine the model. Rinse/repeat. Some of the subjects most important to me, currently, are:

  • Software Engineering and its principles
  • The Universe. Its origins, its future, and the physical laws governing it
  • The evolution of Science, especially Computation
  • The evolution of Humanity
  • Music Theory

Maybe together we can come to better understand this crazy world of ours. I figure the worst case scenario is that I spend a bunch of time proof-reading my own thoughts and that no one reads them. At least I can listen to some cool tunes as I write (currently Caligula’s Horse).

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you again soon.

Software engineer, musician, and aspiring humanitarian. Call me Ty. http://tytr.dev https://twitter.com/tytr_dev

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