AI, Blockchain and the Future of Human Idea Evolution

I would like to pitch to people here an idea that we think could possibly change the way we do Scientific research, and in general boost the generation and evolution of ideas in any field.

The idea, in short, is a global network of ideas stored in the form of blockchain.

In a way, humans are vessels of ideas, not so different from the fact that organisms are vessels of genes. Like genes, ideas mutate and get selected throughout human history. However, this process of idea or information evolution have been happening in an uneven rate (both spatial and temporal). It is also difficult to know who first discovered an idea, due to the lack of reliable records.

We want to make this process of idea evolution explicit, and we think blockchain is the best medium. It solves the problem of ownership and transparency.

The reason we want to do this is because we think good ideas may come from anywhere, not just from the ivory towers or labs.

In the Idea Network, anyone, public and academics, can upload their ideas and connect them with existing ideas. The Idea Network combines the brains of the entire world into a gigantic brain to solve great problems facing humanity.

A potential revolutionary aspect of this Idea Network is that AI could be used to observe the patterns in these interconnected ideas and create its own new ideas! Who knows, maybe in this way AI will discover the ideas that solve the energy problem or discover a cure for cancer.

We believe this will bring about a Cambrian explosion of idea creation and development.

Please do let me know if you are interested in this idea. It would be great if you would like to invest in our startup and donate some Bitcoin!

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