Keeping Jobs in America

Presidential-elect Donald Trump has been following up on his campaign promises of keeping more jobs in America. Companies such as Ford have already announced plans to keep production based jobs in America. Thanks to Trump’s negotiations with Carrier, they too will be canceling plans to send jobs to Mexico and keep them in the U.S. Even some popular electronic companies have contacted Trump with interest to create jobs for Americans.

Trump spent this past Thanksgiving negotiating with Carrier (an air conditioning manufacturer) to not close their Indiana factory. Carrier had announced earlier this year that 1,400 jobs would be lost, due to the Indiana plant being shut down and operations moved to Mexico. This would make Carrier another American based company that had outsourced manufacturing to another country such as China or Mexico. Companies often outsource for an overall cheaper manufacturing cost, thanks to cheap labor, less strict regulations, and lower taxes. Trump threatened at 35% tariff on any U.S. based companies that moved jobs outside of the U.S. border. This is because one of the points Trump’s campaign was built on, is keeping jobs in America. He knew that having more production jobs in America would help solve unemployment and improve the economy. Trumps negotiating with Carrier led to them announcing that the Indiana plant would remain open. A Trump spokesperson even told Fox News that more of these announcements will be coming in the future. As a result, Trump is already making a change in his pursuit to make America great again.

Trump has also been speaking with other popular U.S. based companies about keeping and creating more American-based jobs. Ford announced in November that they will not be moving jobs to Mexico, keeping the production of Lincolns in the existing Kentucky plant. This means that Ford may be looking to find more ways to keep jobs in America and create new jobs for Americans. Trump has stated that he has spoken with the CEO of Apple about transferring Asian based manufacturing jobs to America. With Apple being one of the best-selling and most popular electronic brands in the country, it would create thousands of jobs for Americans. The CEO of Microsoft has also expressed interest in creating American-based jobs. As a result, more jobs for Americans could be created by bringing production for some of the biggest companies in the world to the U.S.

In conclusion, Trump has been following up on his promise to bring more jobs to America. Companies such as Carrier and Ford have already announced plans to keep jobs in America, with other companies such as Microsoft and Apple looking to follow. This is just one of the ways Trump is working to make America great again before entering Oval Office.

The Take Away

What I’ve learned by writing these articles this semester is that every story has two sides to it. No matter your race, sex, religion, or geographic location, someone will always argue against what you believe. Thanks to the internet and social media, something that happened on the other side of the world can quickly become a heated issue instantly. This is causing America to become separated by people having strong beliefs and protesting events that do not affect them. The American public is very influential by social media and what they see online. This gives off the perception that America is oversensitive, due to how political we are as a nation. Even though the country seems to be strictly divided due to certain events and political factors, every side has a valid argument.


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