The Transition to a Republican Government

Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election left many pleased with the results, the country’s leadership will do a complete 180 as the transition from a Democrat president to a Republican president begins. The country has been under the democratic rule of Barak Obama for eight years, and the liberals have become accustomed to it. Trump will be the first time a Republican has been in the white house since George Bush in 2008.

For the last eight years, liberals have come accustom to a democratic president, while republicans have learned to deal with it. When Obama was elected in 2008, it was the first time a democratic president had been in the white house since Bill Clinton’s tenure in 2001. As a result, liberals have had it their way on many issues such as health care reform and gay marriage laws. This is because some of these issues may not have gone the way they had favored if republican presidential hopefuls John McCain and/or Mitt Romney had been in office. This is because of their republican beliefs that do not agree with the democratic opinions on health care and gay marriage. As a result, the democrats have gotten their way while under the rule of Obama.

Trump will be the first republican president in eight years and the transition to a republican house will turn the world of democrats upside down. Trump is hated amongst the majority of democrats for his lack of politically correct speech. This is because Trump is not afraid to speak his mind unfiltered. This causes liberals to take what he says too literally and as a result, they feel that the world is being turned upside down. This is because most presidents do not speak the same way Trump does. Trump also does not have the same immigration beliefs that liberals do. This makes them feel as if the world is being turned upside down because now things are being controlled by someone with a republican mindset. On the other hand, republicans feel that their upside down the world is being uprighted with a republican president being back in the white house. This is because they have dealt with eight years of democratic rule that they did not always agree with. As a result, the republican world is being turned right side up and the democratic world is being turned upside down.

In conclusion, democrats feel that their world will be turned upside down, while republicans feel their world will be turned right side up when Trump takes office. This is because the democrats have grown used to having it their way with Obama being in office, while republicans are looking forward to having a conservative leader in the white house.

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