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Are these people under the impression that it’s more heinous to gas your own people from a plan, than it is from the roof of a locked chamber?

When you need three “clarifications” in one hour, on top of the initial press conference in order to get the HOLOCAUST correct, you’ve got more weighing you down than simple ignorance. People the world over who are merely stupid understand what Hitler was. People who are not historians understand what Hitler did. People who are not grasping desperately at any fruit that allows them to marginalize Jewish people knows the truth about it. There are children today who understand it…probably because they have been rightly educated and made to understand by parents.

This isn’t missing a bulletin, or “not being into politics.” You don’t “miss” this lesson, like I might miss the name of a farm bill or another news story. You merely ignore it. And then it seems, you get elected president and make an equivocating, stammering jackass your press secretary.

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