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How tiresome…how utterly tiresome it is to hear Conservatives yet again blame something on being “liberal,” a word for which most of them have no true definition. Much like the term “censorship.”

A Conservative would claim that a private, that is to say non-governmental enterprise would have the right to act as it pleases…until what? Until alleged “censorship” on the part of the proprietors…in this case, a standard of decency. It is a problem of “snowflakes.”

Yet they want their snowflake cake sellers to have the right to not serve anyone who doesn’t buy into their personal version of the Divine Carpenter from 2,000 years ago. Private businesses have the right to decide what kind of person will be tolerated…when it’s about their religion. Or perhaps in some cases, the snowflake Southern ilk are butt hurt because statues of slave holders and bigots from the 19th century are taken down, or the flag of a long defeated racist rebellion is “disrespected.” The Conservatives have their snowflakes, oh yes, and in far greater numbers than any supposed liberal base.

Still, people want to create a place online wherein nastiness and vulgarity, and bigotry will not be tolerated, and it’s nothing but lefty “censorship,” (which of course is yet another incorrect use of the concept.)

Who would want to be a part of a forum under supposed “liberal censorship” asks several small minded people? Seems at least several tends of thousands at least, and possibly more. I’ve got plenty of places to say whatever I want if I don’t like the rules of someplace else. If I do like them, I can choose to abide by them because of the benefits they provide otherwise. Call it what you will, but if there were ever such a private enterprise again wherein I could communicate with tens of thousands of people without having to once worry about Confederate Bible Thumping Handmaids Tale fetishists leaping in with the doctrine, I’d happily sign on.

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