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I am not a Muslim. I am, if there needs to be a label, a spiritual agnostic. Something could be “up there,” and in fact I think there probably is, but that we cannot know it enough to name it, exactly.

That being said, in my lifetime, I have found myself personally more frightened by the actions and sentiments of Evangelical Christianity than I have ever felt about a Muslim I have encountered. I am of course equally uncertain about the Christian world view as I am the Muslim world view, and so forth, but you get to the point where it is not the faith, the doctrine of a religion that is significant to how one responds. What is significant is how those of a given faith tend to live their lives.

If we can say that the Bible Thumper bigots do not represent “most Christians,” we must also be willing to say that violent people do not represent “most Muslims.” However, Muslims are chided, even by the current pestilence in the White House to answer for the crimes and attitudes of those who corrupt their faith. Rarely, as a group, have Christians been expected to do the same thing. I may not be either a Muslim or a Christian, but I unfair is unfair.

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