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There is more than one way to function as a free, democratic government. I don’t know enough to say if parliamentary government would work in this country or not, but I can say we tend to stigmatize any system, even those of other democracies, that isn’t our own.

Yet we do not carry a monopoly on democratic ideas, and in some ways we have fallen far behind other nations in the world in this categories. The government laid out by the Constitution can be, and has been changed over the years, but in more recent history it has been seen as sacrosanct. Unchangeable. The only “good” way to have democracy. That’s an attitude that needs to go, but won’t any time in the intermediate future, because a parliamentary system, or at least a system without assinine elitist antiques like the Electoral College can still be shining examples of free, authentic democracy.

(And off topic, those or some of the ugliest, least accurate looking presidential art works I have ever seen in the cover photo.)

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