If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Wow…that god further lodged into some DC Comics biazarro fantasy the longer I read it.

First of all… “if Trump is removed from power before he really takes it, it wouldn’t be that big a deal right? After all, it happened to Nixon.”

No, it didn’t. He gave up power. Under pressure, sure, but you can’t use it as an example of what happened when a president is forcibly removed. He wasn’t, period.

But second, the whole thesis of this seems to be… “Trump is terrible, and he is damaging the country. But he has millions of delusional followers that are glad he is doing so. Therefore, we better let him continue to do it, so as to not make the millions of people on reddit feel disrespected and revolt.”

I don’t think anybody believes that if Trump is impeached and removed, people will shrug their shoulders and walk away. But the point is, if he has broken the law and betrayed his own nation, it’s inexcusable to let the feelings of Brietbart readers enter into consideration.

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