Beepi, a better way of buying used car?

Beepi is a new kind of marketplace for users to buy and sell used cars. Essentially Beepi acts as a car dealer but with no physical storefront. They aim to help sellers sell for more and buyers pay for less without all the hassle of a car transaction. You can read more about how the process work here. As a used car buyer, this sounds like a great preposition. Buy a car for less without having to negotiate with car dealers, have the car delivered to your doorstep, and have all the paperwork taken care of for you!

One downside of the Beepi model is that you’re not allowed to see or test drive the car before buying. They make up for this by giving buyers a 10 days money-back guarantee. Some people might still not feel comfortable though which is understandable because personally I would definitely still want to test drive a car before buying. The driving experience varies dramatically from different make and model. For example, for my first car, I bought a Honda Accord rather than a Toyota Camry because the handling on an Accord feels more sporty. You simply won’t know how much you like a car until you get behind the wheel and take it out for a spin. Having said that, I feel like I can get around this by test driving the same make and model from a nearby dealer and buying it from Beepi if they offer a better price. Window shopping effect coming to the auto market?

I’m pretty curious how Beepi price compare to traditional dealers selling their cars through after all, price is still the most important deciding factor. Doing a few price comparisons by finding similar cars in within a 100 miles radius of the same city where the car is sold in Beepi, you can see the result from the table below.

Overall, pricing in Beepi is pretty competitive, falling in the lower range for many cases. At these prices, it’s definitely worth checking out Beepi if you’re in the market to buy a used car. It’s by no means a huge bargain because you can definitely find better deals through Craigslist or buy through private sellers but at least you won’t be overpaying for a car.

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