What I learned from travelling 6 months of the year.

What happens when you run workshops in Digital nomad co-working spaces around Asia.

The fire was crackling at my feet, the pool was murmuring behind me and the waves of the ocean were crashing only ten feet away in front of me. Surrounded by all the elements on this private beachfront property of my friends newly opened beach resort villa. I suddenly had this incredibly elevated emotional state and committed to the concept of moving to a tropical island.

The date was set for a year later, I’d make it official. I would temporarily move to Bali and see what it would be like before considering to make it a permanent move. See I’d been there many times before, the zen of tropical living, the wonderful love-filled culture of the Balinese people, the food I had spent a large part of my childhood eating and the freedom of the scooters you could rent for cheaper than the amount you would spend on your train tickets for a month in Sydney.

Every time I had gone back “home” I had been struck by this overwhelming feeling that everyone living in the big cities were constantly on the move, constantly paying bills and seemingly afraid to connect with people who weren’t already in their social circle. Almost immediately I’d want to be travelling again, somewhere more peaceful.

People who know me will tell you, Tyrone is a social butterfly, he loves a good party and thrives off the energy of a social lifestyle. Although true, I also need the genuine connection of people who have opened their hearts to being vulnerable enough to share who they really are. As the Japanese people believe, people have three masks. One they show to the world, one to their friends/family and one that they show only to themselves. An interesting concept with a lot of truth in it. Yet peoples ability to remove that first mask varies greatly, and from what I’ve noticed. People seem to remove this mask faster and faster the more they have traveled and met people from all walks of life.

So I did it. I packed a bag, rented out my apartment to a couple who would take care of my two gorgeous cats while I was gone and all of a sudden. I was in Bali.

It took me six months to realize it was time to go home.

You might think, “oh so he realized it wasn’t everything he thought it was” that’s not the case. In fact, it was everything I thought it was AND MORE!

The lifestyle was BETTER than I thought possible, everything I needed was here. A thriving local expat community, excellent food, great health facilities, six dollar massages and so many mind-bending experiences that I couldn’t help but grow! I learn’t more than I ever had in a six month time period.

I learnt about business, investing, the power of collaboration, the endless possibilities you can achieve as long as you decide to open your eyes and take a leap. I saw people arrive and within weeks launch exciting new businesses, I watched the market eat up businesses that were not filling a need and everything seemed to happen at a lightning pace!

Somewhere along the lines of all the moving (I stayed in 14 places in 6 months) I realized I had potentially began this a little earlier than I wanted to. I realized that trying to split my focus between this much travelling and new experiences while also trying to grow my business which is still under a year old. The business wasn’t going to get the focus and energy it needed to truly grow to a point it could sustain a freedom based lifestyle.

So, I’ve created a benchmark for myself. One that will ensure that traveling will not slow me down, rather speed up my growth. It wont take too long to get there, but it will need some stability, routine and consistency.

After all, we are what we consistently do and right now, there isn’t much consistency in almost anything I do!

So, time for a short pause, focus on one thing at a time. Then I will spread my wings again and explore this wide open world one place at a time.

I write stories about growth, change & insight. Working towards a vision of a world where everyone is able to pursue meaningful work for themselves.

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