“If I simply had the money to get that course/coach/support I need, I’d be successful.”

“If someone would just give me a chance and gave me some money to start with – I’d know how to invest it and I’d be rich!”

“I dont have enough money yet to afford investing in myself and my development”

These are all the thoughts that used to run through my head years ago, now I see it all the time in the online business / personal development space. …

You will repeat the same day for the rest of your life until you face this fear.

If you went to school and sat for exams/tests and dreaded the day you got results, especially if how much your parents would love you depended on it. You learnt to become an achiever, you were taught its not good to fail.

In school failure can be ‘disastrous’ I remember the day I was the only one who had failed a math class (I had just transferred to the school and they had a very different curriculum) I was publicly called out in…

“That’s not my job” when I hear this phrase, it tells me a whole lot about people.

Let me share a few examples.

  • the person who notices a problem at the company they work at, but doesn’t say anything. Has left a problem unattended which could go unnoticed for who knows how long.
  • the person who notices glass on the footpath and simply steps over it, thinks little of the kids/pets/other people who may not notice it like they have – and get a piece of glass in their foot.
  • The roommate who notices stuff around him getting messy, but…

Finally throw myself out of bed after hitting snooze 4 times, body aches, don’t have time to make breakfast or even time to call myself a human yet.

All that matters right now – is getting my ass into my suit and onto the early morning train leaving in 7 minutes.

Breathing heavy, choking down a cigarette during my mad dash – why you ask? Because waiting the 20 minute train ride, just.. no. Not back then anyway. I barely make it.

Make it into the office at 6am, preparations to do and a long commute to get to where…

What really hurt him – was that he wanted to get it for her but couldn’t.

My client had an incredibly powerful breakthrough this morning where he was better able to see his value / power / worth as a man. So he can show up as a better partner, son, brother, businessman and everything in between.

I thought I’d share it with you here.

“It really pisses me off when Jenny complains about not being able to afford something she wants – when she clearly can! I mean, its not like she’s broke. She’s got so much money saved! I understand why she does it, its because of her past and it gives her a…

“Boys dont cry”

Social and cultural programming seemed to say that crying meant weakness.

There are all kinds of pills to “Numb” the pain and make you able to function – but what does it mean to “function” really. Does turning you into a workaholic that isn’t able to sit with his own feelings mean you function?

Does it mean you function when you aren’t able to control your temper?

Does it mean you function when you aren’t able to trust and be vulnerable around other humans? Let’s be real – that’s what it takes to be carrying around emotions…

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

“The quality of your life is largely determined by the quality of your relationships” — Tony Robbins

Think about the gravity of that for a moment. You could have the career of your dreams, live in the house of fairy tales and even have all the luxuries you could ever ask for but if your family doesn’t love you? What does it really matter?

Even within your career, you could be doing something you are truly passionate about but if you have to do it for people that you don’t like every single day, that might change how you feel…

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

What do you do when your entire life gets turned upside down?

Some of my clients pre-covid used to run hospitality businesses of all kinds, from hotel owners — to master chefs with beautiful restaurants. They were hit the hardest, overnight — entire businesses gone, with no end in sight.

Marriages that have lasted decades were finally broken apart during isolation.

Personally — I’ve even had my own relationship of 6 years end. I’m telling you now, having all these kinds of changes happen in a world filled with as much uncertainty as it is today — isn’t easy.


hint — only one of these is under your direct control

Ever noticed how the longer you wait to do something the harder it gets?

I was nervous and feeling out of place in a room full of professionals in beautiful office attire that looked like it could pay my bills for a month.

It was my 3rd morning in a new sales role I had started when I was 20 years old and there was a man speaking in the center of the room.

“The freight train analogy”

He spoke about how long it takes for a freight train to actually get to top speed — about how long they…

Photo by Fayiz Musthafa on Unsplash

Imagine knowing exactly what you’re looking for and where to find it — but then looking everywhere else instead.

This is kinda like what happens with most first time business owners.

They have an idea or offering. Some kind of service or product.

They talk to people about it.

They make a sale.

Some certainty starts to build right? They get confident that their idea can work. They start talking to more people, they start making MORE sales!

Then it becomes routine.

Then it becomes boring.

Now, they start looking for NEW and BETTER ways to get the result they…

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I write stories about growth, change & insight. Working towards a vision of a world where everyone is able to pursue meaningful work for themselves.

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