My Experience In Bootcamp So Far

It’s the last day of the home-based self-learning clinic. It has been very challenging but I took it as an opportunity to evolve, by learning and seeking feedback.

The past few days have not been without experience. On the very first day of boot camp, we had a skill session on Programming Logic, TTD, and Front-end development. We are also required to submit an output(blog post and rainDrop).

RainDrop was very challenging for me but I was able to solve after the deadline was extended. RainDrop was used to test our programming logic and TTD skills.

Home-based learning

we had 3 days of home-based learning, which today happens to be the last day. The first day of the home-based learning, I had to study OOP(Object-Oriented Programming) and implemented it using a real-world scenario. I chose a shopping cart.

After submitting the required output for the day, I knew I had to learn more about OOP.

The last few days at Andela, I have learned a lot. I have learned how valuable collaboration with others is, the importance of effective communication, seeking feedback and a lot more. Now, I am comfortable using version-control and Test-Driven Development.

Andela boot camp is the most rewarding learning sojourn I ever have.