For When You Just Have Too Much To Do

So much to do with such little time. This is an on going problem in this world. But it seems extra problematic during holidays. The shopping, traveling, families, it all takes up our time.

But whatever date it is, it’s always the same: Tasks that always appear and never end. How can someone deal with this day in and day out?

Here’s some ways I’ve found to make it easier.

1. Reset Your Mind

When you feel stressed and overwhelmed it’s in these moments that you need to remember you are in the present. Notice how your body feels. Take this moment notice all your five senses in and all that feels when you have these negative emotions.

While yes, stress and being overwhelmed are terrible, but it’s not the end. And if you see them as an opportunity to practice and to learn, then you got good news. This your time to take in.

Now this doesn’t have to take even a full minute. Just 5 or even 10 seconds is all you need. It’s to see how are you feeling. How your thoughts are effecting yourself. This is to wake yourself up from the dream of feeling terrible.

2. Accept That Not Everything Can Be Done Today

You could have 20 things to do today maybe even 50, but realistically speaking are they going to happen today? Maybe you could do one in hour but maybe that’s it.

This is the wake up call that not everything can be done today. It’s impossible, So instead this allows us to think only one thing that matters. Just have one thing and just do that.

You delegate them, defer them, or remove them, but you can’t do them all right now. Focus on one with your full attention. This is vital in productivity.

3. Do the Highest Priority First

Despite being busy, we run through all the small tasks quickly. It feels like we’re going through everything but never actually accomplishing anything that matters.

So if you’re going to be working on one thing then it must be the most impactful of your day. That probably doesn’t involve social media or tv.

One important email that will make the difference. It could help someones life, it could lead to a better career, It could move on to something even greater.

It can be tough to find out what’s the most impactful project when they’re all fighting for your attention. But if you spend some time to think what can really wait do you find out what you should do.

Even though you will still have to the smaller tasks in your every day life. These things are best when you take a break from your largest project to do. It builds a rest while still being productivity. It cleans the mind of what may have been offing you down. The key here is to not procrastinate those smaller ones.

4. Do a Task with Passion

Once you’ve decided on your most important task — then set aside everything else. Remember you can’t do them all so don’t worry. Set that goal of why you’re doing that task. This is the passion that you must remind yourself at least weekly if not daily.

I do things for my dog, my parents, the friends who believe me. I’m sure you have people in your life you want to support. Create a passion for all your tasks.

Let it move you forward for your tasks. Be mindful of your mood when you do that certain task. Let it become one with yourself. You can fight back any urges when you are more attuned with a passion to your project.

5. Let Go By Smiling

By having so much to do and wanting to do it all can really make you not do anything at all. That desire to get it all done can be controlled and here’s how.

That’s by letting go. Think about the things you want to do vs what you need to do. Once you figured that out let go of the things you think you need. Be open to this and watch your stress remove itself.

A great exercise to remove these negative emotions is by smiling. I know it’s cheesy to force yourself and you’re going to look silly doing it. But trust me it works. Forced smiling actually does create a level of genuine happiness.

While at the end of the day, these tasks aren’t going to magically clear your to do list but it will make you one step closer. That mindfulness of knowing what you should be doing makes your dreams more into a reality.

Never spend so much time in constant stress when you can take advantage of it. You just have too much to do to care about that. Make the best of it so you can look back and you can say I did it or at least tried to.

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