Time to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is the most attractive trait and the great thing about it is anyone can have it. It doesn’t matter what you look like, where you’re from, it’s all about having the mindset that you’re comfortable with yourself in any situation.

There is a difference in confidence from arrogance though. They can be similar but presented in a different way. Confidence is saying you can do it, while arrogance screams it. This is why to be genuine is to be calm let your confidence show in your actions.

5 ways that you can boost confidence right now:

Eliminate negative people in your life

This is a sole point in bringing you down that it’s hard to feel good about yourself when others don’t. If you’re always being told nasty things about yourself, you’ll start believing it. Vice versa if they start saying positive things so think about the people you are with. Are they making you happier? Make you feel appreciated? Do things you do for them actually matter?

If you say no to these then it’s best to realize these aren’t your friends or supporters. Good news is there are always new people who could be it’s just the time it’ll take to find them.

Compliment others

The most confident people are also the most humblest. You don’t need to prove your confident when you’re making others feel better. Arrogant people only think of themselves. It’s a circle that we need to learn to embrace in how making someone else feel better will make yourself feel better in return.

Do something good for your body

Confidence comes from self belief but one thing that makes it difficult is when you aren’t treating your body well. When you do, it’s easier to be more confident in yourself.

If you view negatively about your appearance, it’s pretty hard to be confident but it can be fixed by taking action you can start today. Just one step makes a difference in a month as the work is actually just continuing it.

Learn something new every day

Knowledge helps with confidence in that when you are more aware of each situation, the more comfortable you will be. It’s cliche to say knowledge is power but that power is how we control ourselves in a given situation.

It’s like when you know how to fly a plane, you’ll be more confident in about talking about it and doing it well so if other needed you to fly or wanted to fly with you, they’ll feel more at ease because of your confidence. This also applies to job interviews as no one wants to hire someone that isn’t even confident in themselves for doing the task they want to pay for.

Help people more

This is equivalent to being a real super hero. Those super heroes that we know and love are also confident when they come to protect others against all these insane villains. Be the hero people can look up to. This is the confidence that our parents have.

The last part that’s important to mention is that it all takes time. When you you’re doing something new, not comfortable with people, or under stress, it’s very difficult to just follow these and instantly become confident. It’s not actually about being instantly though. It takes time just like any skill.

I’m going to tell you a secret: Confidence can be also deceiving in that just because you look confident doesn’t mean you are. I always thought my parents were the bravest people in the world, but really they had to because no one was in order to make me feel less scared when I was stuck in a tree or a big scary spider in the bathtub.

That’s what confidence looks like and helps to try to be like that. You’ll get there eventually.

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