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Pure math… kind of.

Disclaimer: I do eat a lot of chips, I do drink a lot of beer but it has nothing to do with this article.

Startups solve problems, relieve pains. I ‘ve heard it a million times, “find a problem and solve it”, “be the solution”. This is true and it’s what should be done but I remembered something my Great grandmother used to do. Here’s the story.

Somewhere around 1970s in a village called Lysi (close to Famagusta, Cyprus), a little boy called Nicos (my dad) visited the coffee shop his grandfather owned. There his grandmother…

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Kinky right? I’m just talking about the title. It’s intriguing isn’t it?!

Disclaimer: If you ‘re here for the xxx sorry (not sorry), you won’t find it, unless you are an entrepreneur, interested in the startup life and or a business perv. Yeap, you read right.

I was sharing the Diyful story once again, this time at an Academic Conference. As usual I was sharing the best part of being an entrepreneur, the failure. More specifically the failure in getting an investment and how that got us into the hardcore “revenue now” mode.

They say an entrepreneur should embrace failure…

Well, Startup Live a couple of years back was the first startup competition I attended. Two years later and here we are. A couple of steps forward wearing the Mentor shirt. Not because of the huge success or amazing achievements but because of a story that has a lot of ups and downs and can be shared through mentoring.

First things first, if it weren’t for the organisers it wouldn’t be possible to have such an amazing event. So, Lydia, Stavriana, Nicolas, Nicos, Constantinos, Menelaos, THANK YOU!

The amazing ecosystem of Cyprus provided mentors that had the backing of the…

From day 1 at Diyful we had in mind that we would do a promotional event at some point. Not the first to do that, “below the line”, as they are called, promotional events are done, mainly for brand awareness.

Awesome event, had a blast, milestones completed as expected! But let’s take it a step back and let you know what we did exactly and why!

Let me point out here, and I cannot stress this enough, I am definitely not the person that can organize these type of things and…

A bunch of crazy dudes and dudettes that are involved in a startup ecosystem that is in a startup face itself traveled all over Cyprus to share their experience in startups. That’s the Startup Academy I am talking about. I had the privilege to be one of speakers and would definitely do it again.

I watched most of the presentations, more than once. Things I ‘ve heard over and over again, things I’ve read about, but. I actually had my memory refreshed and I am glad I did.

Apart from the awesome vibe that the attendees…

Hi, my name is Chris and I’m here to introduce you to the innovative platform of Diyful!

For those who know me, the line above has been my reality for the past couple of years. As I wrote recently on another post, my involvement with startups, was a tipping point for me. I consider myself to be a human being (sort of) living the startup life.

I was driving back home a few days back, coming from a startup event, with a fellow startuper. What we were talking about was the fact that we should be locked up.

Why? Well…

Christophoros Tzirtzipis

Wolverine by birth, human by accident

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