Filmmaker Dave Young Is Making A Documentary About The Homelessness Crisis In The UK And He Wants You To Share Your Story

The team on location in the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp, Calais

Dave Young, director and producer for Podfilms is currently making a film about homelessness in several major UK cities including Bristol, London and Manchester, he is looking for homeless people who can share their stories. In an interview with Walking The Breadline, a facebook page focusing on the homeless, Dave said:

“I started to make a film about Right to Buy and the Housing Bill that will reduce social housing. I then realised that this is one of the drivers of homelessness so I switched my focus to the homeless crisis”

Those who want to share their stories can get in touch via the Podfilms facebook page or email Dave at, the film will be made up entirely of individual contributions and will centre around 3, possibly four major UK cities as Dave says:

“I’m looking at Bristol, London Manchester and possibly Birmingham. I want to find people who are homeless and willing to share their stories. The film will be led by my contributors; it will be their film. There won’t be a presenter, just the people living the homeless life telling it how it really is. This way it will be the real story told by the people living it every day. So I’m looking for people happy to tell their stories”

Dave has been directing and producing film documentaries and promos for fifteen years and prior to that spent years as a photojournalist. His first film made back in 2007 won a Channel 4 competition and was aired on television. Last year Dave produced a documentary shown by BBC Newsnight that challenged mainstream coverage of the Calais “Jungle” migrant camp, in his own words:

“Last year I was fed up with the early coverage of “The Jungle” in Calais, so I went and made a film off my own back; telling the story from the migrants’ point of view. BBC Newsnight showed the film and people say it helped change perceptions. I realised that this is the kind of film I want to make: telling people’s ‘real’ stories, the story behind the headline”

This new film documentary will focus on the plight of the UK’s homeless, if you have a story to share, you can contact Dave through the following channels

Phone: 07966 185 345



Twitter: @Podfilms


Pictures Taken From The Podfilms Facebook Page

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