Peace Is Possible If We let Go Of Fear And Hate

In light of current events under the media radar I want to make a call for calmness. Journalism for the most part works a certain way, it focuses on something and amplifies that thing. Provoking a reaction leads to clicks, shares and ad revenue. If you factor in that most major news publishers have a clear political bias and that prominent politicians influence what gets reported and what doesn’t then a clear picture appears.

I could post angry rants about the injustice and total lack of balance in today’s ‘news’ but I realise that I’m a complete nobody on social media. What I can say is that a broad world view will help us not to get angry, not get provoked and caught in the trap of controlled hate and fear.

We are a global village now and yet what we read and hear is confined to what executives in their offices dictate as relevant. Violence sadly happens right across the globe inflicted upon different people and perpetrated by different people. Entire countries are subject to sustained bombing campaigns carried out by other nations and groups of nations. Organisations Like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International show the true scope of just how bad things are, it’s not pretty.

A broad worldview that takes in historical context can and will help us not to fall into the trap of hate and rage or to turn on whole communities because of the actions of a few. Our history is littered with the dreadful mistakes we have made, mistakes that cost quite literally millions of innocent lives and condemned our forefathers to early graves. Don’t let powerful corporations who profit from war tell you what to think and feel. We have a chance to change things through some very simple and easy changes in attitudes, if we:

  • Refuse to judge entire communities on the actions of a few
  • Stick to compassion over fear and anger
  • Look to the past to see how we can avoid making the same mistakes
  • Never trust the propaganda of powerful private businessmen and corporations
  • Work together based on our mutual and common ground for the greater good of all

If hate wins, we all lose, right now through our angry reactions and calls for extreme measures we are playing into the hands of fear mongers and more importantly war mongers. We have to start believing that peace can happen, until we don’t believe it ourselves, it won’t

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Originally published at on July 27, 2016.