After early relief from court, Yusuf Manji’s health problems kicks in

After relief from the court earlier in charges. Tanzanian Billionaire of Indian origin Yusuf Manji’s problems might not be over yet. According to reliable sources, his health is deteriorating rapidly as he is facing problems with lung infection. He has already suffered three major heart attacks in the last year alone. Evaluating doctor says that he has never seen a 41 year old man with so many health problems. The chest infection affects lower large airways (bronchi) and lungs which can be serious if not treated properly for Manji because of his heart problems. The doctor who shared this news said that they are consulting top-notch doctors abroad and can’t disclose much and it could have been escalated and worsened due to his detention for few months affecting the vigorous medication he needs on regular basis with difficult detention facilities where he was kept.

Manji’s problems started when the Regional commissioner for Dar es Salaam accused him of Drug trafficking with out any proof and media followed. This is a perfect example of social media justice where few people brand someone as convict of a crime even before court’s decision and reveals their name in the Media. Media also plays a big role in maligning someone’s image without doing its own research.