Jonathan Livingston Seagull- Richard Bach

I could not sleep last night because I knew that my final exam like a nightmare and my sophomore year was officially over. For me, studying is the most interesting thing in the world. Through the college years I was not enjoying studying with my classmates at college, I preferred to study alone. And I knew they did not actually study, they just wanted to talk about anything I was not interested in. I was feeling lonely there.

But, now, do I have time to thinking about this? I have only 30 hours for a flight. A flight, where? It is a new part of my life in Japan.

The sky, how beautiful it is. An airplane had taken off slowly. The last few days, it seems like I had no chance to think about what is going on? Before my final exam, I received an email from admission office. Finally, I got a chance to study abroad. It was not easy. From junior high school years, my parents had argued about studying abroad. They did not want to allow me to study abroad, but I wanted too. I wanted to very strongly. It seemed we argued this topic more times than my parents age plus my age combined. Although I am looking at the sky and wondering how I got a victory, I do not want to call it a victory, because every new end is a new beginning. The victory is only just for now. I will see what will happen in the future…

Now, I am sitting behind a window. I am watching my old friend, Jonathan, from here. I can see an air strip, a sky, and a cloud. I feel like a bird. For me, birds are a symbol of freedom. Why? I do not know. When I was an elementary school student, peers always drew about peace using birds. But I found the real freedom through another time and a place.

This is a story of a seagull named of Jonathan Livingston and I. This is a journey to freedom and happiness. We just wanted to know- what we can do in our life and what we cannot do? Jonathan and I, we wanted to break the rules together. The seagull’s point in life is to collect food. Unfortunately, the pursuit of happiness or freedom is indecent for seagulls. However, my friend, he did not want to be a memorizing machine. I am passionate about discussing, analyzing, and asking. But, in my culture, it is sometimes hard. He showed me how if we follow our dreams, we can do whatever we want. The purpose of life is to find a higher purpose and do what you love. He taught me to think about where I should go? What I want? and which way is the correct one for me?

After I met with Jonathan, I really wanted to be a good person, and I knew I could be a good person. I wanted to improve myself and my skills. But, still, I am not enough. Time is flying like an arrow. Can I compete with a time? Of course… not.

Jonathan, you learnt how to fly so quickly. You learnt that in this sky, which I see now. How beautiful it is. But, dear my friend, Am I careful not to waste time? Am I studying hard? Am I doing well? Could you tell me please?

Sometimes I have ambivalent feelings about my academic skill. Why everybody better than I am? I should forget this foolishness. If I give up, I will not be strong anymore. Time and distance can change human being… Our thoughts can change suddenly… It is like when you think about a heaven and a hell. If you heaven is your the real hell? What will happen? Actually we do not know which one is the real heaven. Who can say? No one. And I really want to find my freedom of mind.
Jonathan could not stop flying, just as I could not stop learning. When I met Jonathan, I learnt that beauty is what we love. The beauty that can change depends on a person, and knowledge is my beauty. Knowledge is my key to happiness. I do not want to live in darkness. Darkness cannot bring me happiness. Even freedom.

In this flight, I am thinking more than before. I am moving to Japan with Jonathan, My new part of life will start soon. Also, one of my dreams became true. The unrelenting sky is my new friend. Only you can understand what I am feeling and thinking now.

Jonathan disappeared into a sky. Where did you go? Did you leave me? Could not believe in me? I can achieve my goals like you. Please do not go. DO not leave me. I do not know what I should do without you.

Now I can see on earth like you. I can see seagulls are fighting with each other. But, wait, I can see people are fighting with each other for no reason. They are doing meaningless things. I can see your seagull society and human society, too. I cannot find difference between your society and my society. The only thing I can say that I can see barbarism. I can see no meaning. I can see no purpose on Earth? Why you did not stay on heaven? Why do you want to teach- how to fly fast in this planet?

I woke up from a deep sleep and found my book named of Jonathan Livingston seagull found on airplane was almost landing. The sky was beautiful. I saw at first time a sea. And I saw seagulls…