How To Make Passive Income: 13 Exclusive Ideas

If you’re fed up with your long hours’ job and want to make money without partaking actively and even while sleep, you be in need of knowing about passive income. The motive why people are inclining to passive income is that it doesn’t require arduous work to make money.

You just need an eensy-weensy effort and some investment at the beginning and down the road, your account will start filling up with cash.

Moreover, the most vital benefit of passive income is that you can spend your time with your beloved ones and pursue your interests without having the fear of bread and butter. However, in passive income, you cannot get away from tax. So, be aware of that.

Definition of Passive Income

Some people consider passive income as an effortless incoming and get-quick-rich scheme. But, it’s not! Literally, it’s a source of income that takes some time (in some cases a lot of time) to grow and lets you have a decent amount of money in return for minimal effort.

To a great extent, it’s a method in which first you work for money, and afterward, your money and effort burn the midnight oil for you.

For example, if you develop an app, your app will draw coins in default of your daily attention and you only will have to bring in a new up-gradation in it after a few months.

What’s more, passive income breeds more leisure time for you. As claimed by Don McLean, “The greater the passive income you can build, the FREER you will become.”

Which one is preferable: Active income or Passive income?

Both these spheres have their upsides as well as downsides. Being said that, passive income benefits more. In passive income, for example, you don’t have to actively get involved in a business which brings about more freedom for you.

“A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they’re not working.” Said Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman.

For a clearer picture I’ve designed an infographic for you:

Ideas for Making Passive Income

In a similar fashion to active income, there are too many ways that lead to passive income. However, it doesn’t mean that every method would function for you. So, you should go for the ideas that meet your abilities, passions and your dedication. Here are some fruitful ideas that would certainly go along with your interests.

1. Blogging

In some recent years, the business of blogging has mounted up a lot. A blog with a reasonable amount of audience could make a small fortune for you. As claimed by techjury nearly 77% of people on the internet look through blogs. Having said that, it’s not merely a piece of cake as it demands some initial effort, time and pertinent knowledge for growing.

But, if you want to make a big buck within no time, you can buy an existed blog that already has a great number of followers.

There are various ways to earn money through blogging such as adding affiliate links, providing ads spaces and putting on sale your e-book(s).

2. Royalties

Royalty is a financial benefit that you get by letting a person or company use your assets (including goodwill) in exchange for fixed money. Income from the utilization of copyrighted works, patents and franchises are examples of royalty.

3. Automated Car Wash

If you have a large sum of money, you might put it into the business of Automatic Car Wash. Because it’s among the simplest passive income businesses that is mushrooming swiftly. This occupation gives the thumbs up to you to stick around your family and hang out with friends without the fright of managing its activities.

What’s more, this business can fill up your pocket with a bunch of money. According to BrandonGaille, the average yearly income of an in-Bay car wash is $86531, excluding all the expenses.

4. Sell off digital products

Selling digital material is one of the best sources of passive income. You could make money while sleeping by bringing into being and selling eBooks, Printables, online courses, stock pictures, PDFs, graphics and quite more.

Bear in mind that, some of the products can take up a lot of time and shot to create. As an instance, for writing an eBook, you’ll have to write quality material in an eye-catching way which is a time-consuming process.

5. Rental earning

If you’re likely to enjoy a vacation with your family in Switzerland while your house is going to be emptied for a while or you own any kind of surplus space as a house, apartment, room, storage space or even a driveway, you can get a considerable chunk of money by renting out your free space on Airbnb.

Leasing out your car would also be a great idea. As stated by Statista, the income from the car renting business in the USA will link up to the figure of $12 billion by 2024. The rest of the world is not far behind as well.

But, Hang on! Before renting out your property, keep your eyes open for fraudsters. As they might run off with things at your house.

6. Put money into stocks

Do you know that many billionaires in the world have an investment in the form of stocks? Income from stocks could be a part of your bank account. At the outset, you just need some capital along with a little bit of effort for finding out a credible company and after that, your invested money would work for you.

Invest in High dividend stocks and don’t take amiss by taking a stake in short-term investment in lieu of long-lived projects.

7. Launch an app

Creating a fascinating app might be the best decision of your life as if you become successful in developing a worthwhile app, it’ll give you long-running and great monetary benefits.

All you need to have primary knowledge about coding. If you’re a programmer or developer, that’s very nice. But if you’re not, don’t worry! You can learn some chief coding or you could also engage with a developer on partnership.

8. Make passive income as a sleeping-partner

A sleeping partner is a person who goes halves with profits as well as losses but doesn’t lend a hand in company management actively. You could make passive income as a silent partner by getting hold of shares in a trustworthy company.

9. Washateria

If you have a will for retiring earlier and sailing around the world, this business would give you a leg up in that. In line with Laundromat Resource, a self-service laundry can make a packet of $100 to $1500 per day for you. Sounds fascinating!

On the downside, this occupation demands huge investment ranging from $100000 to $300000, as stated by MartinRay.

10. Set up a YouTube channel

Money and popularity both are the apples of everyone’s eye and a successful YouTube channel could bring forth both of these things for you. Plus, it doesn’t require a lot of money to start, you just need a camera or good quality camera phone and wall-to-wall attention to it.

A YouTube video draws money through ads and sponsorships. However, remember that it’ll take much time to build a great number of spectators.

11. Sell your course online

Do you have experience in a particular subject? If yes, this idea would work for you. You might want to shape a digital course and offer it for sale online. This is the right time for doing this, as Corona Virus has compelled pupils to study online.

You could create and sell your course on your own website or other platforms such as Thinkific and Udemy.

12. Stock Photography

Stock photography comes up with the idea of making passive income during traveling. If you have a high-resolution camera or camera phone, your pocket can be filled up with coins by selling photos online.

There’re a lot of magazines and stock image sites which demand great quality pictures. You can link your photos to those sites and when your photos will be sold on those third-party websites, you’ll get a commission from it.

The best websites for selling photos are Alarmy, Adobe Stock, Pexels, Shutterstock and a lot more.

13. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the finest and easiest ways for making passive income in 2021. You can generate money just by putting a link of your partner site in your blogging website, referring sponsors on your YouTube channel, mentioning product reviews and many more.

You also can link with some affiliate programs as the Amazon affiliate program. But, its drawback is that you’ll get money only when your reader purchases a product by using your link.

Who can make money through passive income?

Making a buck via passive income is not a piece of cake. However, it can be done with the help of your passion, time, money, effort and pertinent skillset. It doesn’t matter what you are; whether you’re a person who’s just starting out or you’re a teenager who wants to pay his expenses on his own.

The thing which carries weight is to make the right choice. For example, if you have a large amount of money to invest but, you’re going to come on board in the field of blogging. That would not be a wise decision. The right choice might be to invest in a laundromat or automatic car wash business.

Is it possible to become rich through passive income?

Though it may sound strange, but passive income is a major mode of luxury for several millionaires. With that said, as I mentioned above, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, instead, it takes a great amount of time for making a fortune. In this regard, the following ideas can lend a hand to you.

· An App that attracts a lot of people

· A successful YouTube channel

· Investment in Stocks


Making passive income is neither a rocket science nor a kids’ stuff. It’s another name of draw income smartly and it permits you to have earnings and amusements simultaneously. However, unlike active income, it stands in need of upfront work.

Now, it’s your turn to chew over all of these above-stated passive income strategies and come to the conclusion that which idea would work for you. Then, just embark on!



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