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By Olivia Wang

On Sept. 25, 2020, a post on Hong Kong’s popular online forum LIHKG alleged China’s reported number of COVID-19 cases was “magical,” implying that the country has been underreporting it.

The basis of the claim was a comparison between the number of Chinese and American visitors to Japan who tested positive for coronavirus between Sept. 16 and 23 at the airports in relation to the confirmed cases in each country.

The post said during that week, four flight passengers from China and 12 from the U.S. …

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By Olivia Wang and Duan Hanzi

A series of screenshots posted on Weibo on Nov. 5 claimed to show a chair being thrown out of the White House during a live TV broadcast by Fox News.

The post in Chinese says “[it] seems someone is angry at a white-colored house somewhere in Washington D.C.” It gained over 28,000 likes, 1,689 comments with over 10,000 shares.

Although the account name and the rather sarcastic sentence indicate the images may not be from real news footage, some users’ comments seem to have taken the post seriously.

So, just in case; the claim is false…

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[English version of this story is available here]

記者 Purple Romero 王瑜婕







برنامج ياهل(YaHala program)的YouTube官方頻道2016年亦有影片報道丟棄雞肉的行動。


Olivia Wang

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