FIFA 20 Unknown/Rarely used dribbling tricks

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FIFA 20 Slowing down ultimately, using L1/LB is exceptionally productive this year, especially in the frantic nature of game modes like FUT and Pro Clubs and is a fantastic way to confuse your opponent. Combine the L1/LB dribbling with a quick burst of the sprint button or even a double-tap of the right stick, and you’ll be exploiting lots of space and causing defenders nightmares. Here are the various ways that you can either stop the ball dead (to let chasing players run right past you):

Stop the ball dead
This is a brilliant way to change direction very quickly, easily one of the most effective ways to stop soon. All you need to do is release every other button and just hit the sprint button once with no direction pressed.
Take a great touch with either just the sprint button or by clicking the right stick THEN before your player reaches the ball, tap the sprint button without any other button pressed just before you get to the ball. Your player will stop right next to the ball, and then you can burst out into another direction.
This tip is particularly useful when performed in Wide areas.

Fake shot stop
Use in the same way as above but just with performing the phony shot, which is slightly harder to do. To stop dead, you must let go of the direction buttons.

Stop and face the goal
Performed by pressing L1/LB with no direction pressed. This will do the same as the above tricks, but, this will mean you player will stop and face the goal. Useful for turning on the edge of the area to create space.

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