How to get Path of Exile Unique Items

Path of exile Unique Items have the same base stats as a normal item of the same type, but have specific names, unique artwork and Set Lists of modifiers instead of affixes, and each Unique item has Corresponding basic item style, the basic ability of the equipment is also roughly the same as the basic item. The difference is that these Unique Items will be given special names, special appearances, and special Modifiers. The Unique Items in the game are not meant to be beyond Rare yellow clothing exists but become the key equipment to provide special Modifiers, allowing players to match more unique genres and unexpected gameplay. Below we show how to get Unique Items?

The rarity of Unique Items
Not every Unique Items has the same drop rate, and there are sub-classes between Unique Items:
General level: Most often falling, some unique items that can help the novice upgrade practice
Rare level: The drop rate is slightly lower. These Unique Items contain uses that can be used to create some special genres.
Rare level: This level item is already a very uncommon legend, including some post-equipment, strong ability to dominate the equipment
Treasure level: the precious items that the player pursues throughout his life.

Drop in the game
Most of the Unique Items can be dropped through the game. The player can probably make a preliminary judgment according to the level requirements of the Unique Items and the base level of the item. In theory, most items will fall out of the Unique Items base, and the item level is greater than When the Unique Items level is required, there is a chance to share the Unique Items. For example, the popular double-violent gloves “Marley’s blood-stained gloves” have a level limit of 21 and a base level, so there are 21 or more monsters. Opportunity to fall out of this equipment.
The relationship between the monster drop an item level can be found in the item level.
Some Unique Items will deviate from the drop rule due to some unique settings. See the explanation below.

Limit map drop
A small number of Unique Items have their item level adjusted (iLv). These Unique Items iLv may exceed the map level on the general story map, so they won’t fall in the story map. You must open a higher map through the map item. The higher monsters will fall, let them become the “Map Drop Limit” Unique Items. (This series of items has been adjusted since the 2.0 revision, so the earlier information is not realistic, how many are actually unknown?)

Crafting Unique Items
The item level of the produced unique will be equal to the lowest ilvl of the components of the Recipe

Challenge League exclusive Unique Items
Each League League will have the League’s limited Unique Items. Players will have access to these Unique Items when playing in the Challenge League, but when the Challenge League is over, these limited legends will be so difficult to climb. In the future, they must be opened by Map Master. Call the map of the specific Challenge League, or redeem it by some Divination Cards, or wait for the official to be released as a prize in some competitions. For details, please refer to the alliance system.

Special memorial item
Special rewards during the test, will not fall in the game

Contest reward item
Special rewards that will be offered during the competition, will not fall in the game

Use Orb of Chance to point out Unique Items
Use Orb of Chance in your Poe Currency to get basic items (white) with the chance to point out magic, rarity, and even Unique Items. As long as the basic items are correct, you have the chance to turn him into a legend related to the item (with a few special restrictions) It will be mentioned) For example, for a “Golden Ring” Orb of Chance, there is a chance to change the “Greedy” to play the treasured ring. By Orb of Chance, the legendary way can ignore the item level, so we use low items. Graded whites also have the opportunity to point to Unique Items at high item levels. But all this still returns to the odds. It is not easy for Orb of Chance to point out the legend. The point-loading rate is still a mystery. Pay attention to the same basic items in the process of ordering. There may be more than one Unique Items. The same basic item may have two legendary changes or even more. Even if you click on the legend, it may not be the one you want.

Redeem Unique Items with Divination Cards
Players can redeem designated or random Unique Items by collecting Divination Cards.