How to Making Poe Currency fast 2019

If you want to Farming PoE currency, then you are racing against time and must meet more Currency in a limited time, so the first step is to shield the Currency and equipment that have no value, so that value can be reflected. Come out, so first, you have to filter out low-value currency manually.

Poe Chests
There must be a lot of new players who are curious, why do you want to say Chests, because the Chests thing is extraordinary, different names of Chests can open a variety of different things, such as the artist’s Chests can open the currency. The armor can Open the Armor, and the jeweler can open the skills, the treasure chest of fate can open all kinds of cards, of course, this is not the point, the focus is that Chests can use Orb points. All the upgraded goods can be used to improve the quality of Chests. The general practice is to use the Orb of Alchemy point whiteboard Chests, point to gold, look at the attributes. Of course, the higher the level of the points, the better the things, the more quality things will be opened, do not put Orb of Alchemy And Orb of Scouring is wasted in the first two difficulty levels. Generally, things start from the outer boundary map, so you must bring a few pieces at any time before entering the picture. Maybe you can point out perfect attributes, and you can make an impressive thing.

Many things may not be clear how to sell, remember the rewards you have received? Which advanced warehouse upgrade? That is the place that lets you put words to sell, set what you want to sell into the advanced warehouse page. Right click on the tab, hit the hook on the public, throw the props you want to sell, if you’re going to give the accessories Price, you can right click on the item and enter the price on the pop-up option, so that you can find the Item you want to sell on You can receive the purchase information from others by always paying attention to the chat bar message. I have used it myself. A senior warehouse page, a lot of buyers inquiry every day

Farming is the most common and versatile way to get Chaos Orb and Exalted orb, and you can only make a small profit.
Method: full set of equipment, item level 60 (not demand level) above equipment, head, clothing, shoes, hands, two-handed weapons, rings *2, amulet, sell a store to get a Chaos Orb (see the equipment item level method, press and hold ALT: will be displayed above the level requirement)
A full set of unidentified two Chaos Orbs can be obtained. Note that all must not be identified.

Buy a tonne of cheap maps — in this case, bought 82 dry peninsulas for 120 chaos.
No chiseling first, buying another map is 100% packsize. Chiseling is 20% quality. Both cost roughly the same. (If you’re running higher tier maps, chiseling and aching is a good idea. And Once you get to top tier maps rolling magic mobs and regaling is usually your best bet)
If they only have one mod, aug them. If they pushed blood magic, alt past them cause that’s the only mod can’t run.
In the map, pick up maps, good currency drops (jew+), six sockets, jewels, quality gems, valuable, and every few dozen maps may pick up 2 or 3 rare items that care about. Only pick up rares that could be upgraded for me, and maybe rares that are a good base. But 99% of the rares just get left on the ground. don’t do any chaos/regal recipes. This is the primary inefficient part of my map running for this example. Base rares and doing the unpaid regal recipe with bad rares is a good idea and makes a good profit. Vendoring every rare is a waste of time. ID and drop the bad rares when your inventory is full. In new temp, leagues make sure you do the ID regal recipe. The bar for valuable rares is pretty low earlier on in temp leagues. After a week or two, you can do the union regal recipe with bad bases, and id regal recipe with good bases.
Since I’m running dry peninsulas, I’m also running any dry headlands that drop.
Ran all Zana maps that weren’t shit. Skipped one desert map cause fuck that.
Do the voices 64 jews for 20 fusings every day. This whole process took one full day, so only that that recipe twice.

Other Tricks
Maximizing Item Quantity is a massive aspect that many players gloss over when it comes to mapping in POE. You need as many drops as possible to keep Maps flowing into your stash, so here are some tricks to keep tears coming.
Sacrifice Fragments (Dusk, Dawn, Noon, Midnight) add 5% Quantity for each unique Fragment in the map slots with a map. Easy 15% boost
Specific Prophecies add more mobs, all with drop potential. Hungering Swarm, Plague of Frogs, and Plague of Rats are all useful for this. Bear in mind that some Prophecies only work on Indoor/Outdoor Maps. Plague of Rats would be used for Elder Underground Sea for example.
Running Shaped T15 Maps has the potential to drop T16s of your choice, assuming you went through the trouble of Scouring all other T16s from your Atlas. Scouring all the T15s also bumps the drop chance of your Shaped T15s.

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