MapleStory 2 Wizard transfer skills introduction and basic skills plus details

In MapleStory 2, every profession can be transferred to get more powerful new skills. Today, Ezokay will share with you what new and more powerful skills will be available after the transition of the Wizard, I hope to help the Wizard players!

After completing the transfer task, each class will receive a new second-turn skill. The most basic one is the inherent skill of the second turn. Wizard’s intrinsic skills can improve our main attributes, and will automatically gain 1 gain BUFF when actively releasing skills, such as 100% increase in movement speed, 10% increase in magic attack power or 50% reduction in SP consumption, increasing occupation. The playability, different gain BUFF with the corresponding skills, can hit a high amount of damage!

Wizard inherent skills
Magic control
Learning conditions
Level 60 or higher
Use magic to randomly summon beneficial state effects, sometimes summoning unexpected effects at the same time, and increasing your intelligence by 40.

After the Wizard two turns, the output is divided into 2 genres, each genre has 4 skills, namely Ice Lei Magic Tutor and Fire Magister, two The genre corresponds to two different ways of playing, and then it will be introduced one by one for everyone.

Ice mine magician
Double hunting

Active skill, press and hold the skill button to cause ice and thunder damage to the target in front. If there is Ice Spear on the target, there will be additional damage, and Ice Spear will no longer consume SP.
Skill Review: Continuous output skills, the damage is stable and has a good AOE effect.

Cold drink moment

Active skill, summoning a huge ice cream in front of the front target, causing damage to the enemy while strengthening the damage of the basic skill Ice Storm. When using the basic skill Thunderbolt for ice cream, it can change the shape of the ice cream. Inflicts per second damage to the target around the ice cream. After 10S, the ice cream will explode automatically, with good burst damage!
Skill Review: The main explosive skills, skilled with Thunderbolt, can cause a lot of damage when the target is not moving!

Electromagnetic region

Active skills, apply a layer of the shield to yourself, can absorb the damage caused by the enemy, double hunting, can recharge the shield, each charge can cause certain damage to the surrounding targets, the most charge 10 times, if you use this skill again before the shield ends, you can cause a lot of AOE damage to the surrounding targets. The amount of damage depends on the number of charges. This ability can also passively increase the attack power of Thunderbolt!
Skill Review: Outbreak and defensive skills, proficient with double hunting, can explode damage in a short time, but be sure to pay attention to the duration of the shield and the number of recharges.

Hemp crisp

Active skill, press and hold the skill button to form the accumulative effect, which will damage the front target and add gain effect to enhance the attack power of ice and lightning. Thunderbolt and Ice Storm CD time will be reset when power is successful!
Skill Review: Explosive gain skill, skilled use of this skill can greatly increase the attack power of ice and lightning in a short time. This skill requires higher use and requires more practice.

Ice Thunder Magister’s basic skills plus points:

Because the Ice Thunder Wizard belongs to the high number of segments, the genre that continues to output and can burst, the individual recommends the priority defense penetration property, and then consider the crit damage attribute.
Output method: cold drink time, Thunderbolt, Ice Storm, double hunting, see the situation with the electromagnetic area and crispy, SP is not enough to use Ice Spear.

Fire sorcerer genre

Active skill, enter the reading state when using the skill. After the reading is finished, it will cause a lot of fire damage to the front target, and it will burn the BUFF damage to the target. Every 3 times cast a cycle, each casting will be more than the last damage. higher!
Skill Review: One of the main outbreak output skills, can be used with Fire Elves and Small Meteors, each time attacking 100% crit.

Barbecue party

Active skill, enter the reading state when using the skill. After the reading is finished, it will cause damage to the front target with burnt BUFF damage. The target will also leave a flame mark. When the target is still within the flame mark, the skill will be Trigger the explosion again.
Skill Review: One of the main outbreak output skills, used with Arcane Blast, will cause additional damage to enemies with hot BUFF damage. If you attack crit in Fire Elf state, there is a 30% chance to refresh the barbeque party CD time. And cancel the spell reading time of the skill.

Playing with fire

Passive skills greatly increase the Flame Tornado attack and make Flame Wave not consume SP, release Flame Tornado will get Fire Sprite gain BUFF.
Skill Review: The main gain passive skill, this skill has a different gameplay when triggering the fire sprite state.

Small Meteor

Active skill, enter the reading state when using the skill. After the reading is finished, the skill will automatically release the delay, causing a large amount of AOE damage to the front target, and will gain the comprehension effect and improve the attack power of the fire. The skill can be released immediately after the spell reading, but it does not trigger the comprehension effect.
Skill Review: One of the main explosive skills. With Flame Tornado, there will be additional damage bonus, triggering the understanding of BUFF with the use of fire, will cancel the spell reading status of the fire, is a very high skill.

Fire Department Magister’s basic skills plus points:

The fire magician belongs to the genre of high-burst unstable output. Personal recommendation is to increase the defensive penetration and crit damage attributes first, and then consider the attack speed and injury. In this way, in the case of excellent output environment, the output can be smoothly, and when the output environment is poor, high-burst damage can be generated in a short time.
Output method: Flame Tornado, Flame Wave, see the situation release Thunderbolt, barbecue party, small meteor.
Specific stationary output environments can use small meteors, Thunderbolt, Flame Wave, Flame Tornado, and fire/barbecue parties.

The above is about the skills introduction of Wizard after the transfer and some basic output methods, interested players can give it a try. Although the damage of Wizard is very high after the transfer, the difficulty of Dungeon and the blood volume of Boss will also increase accordingly. Don’t look down on Boss because of the transfer, when your team, save the potion and increase the damage. The potion is still as much as possible. If the mushroom is not enough, use MapleStory 2 Mesos to redeem it. Don’t use the potion enough to drag the whole team. In the worst case, it may be destroyed.