POE 3.4 Witch Elementalist Blade Flurry and Blade Vortex Builds

Elementalists deal in all things elemental. They’ve access to conditional but effective element harm bonuses, some granted periodically or with a skill requirement. They will also specialize in elemental ailments, elemental Herald expertise, and elemental golems. Some passive skills is often mixed and matched to accommodate numerous damage forms, even physical and chaos.

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[POE 3.4 Elementalist]Blade Flurry Elementailist and Boss Setup Build

- Can clear all content material devoid of a great deal effort or crazy pricey gear
- Clear as much as 3 screens in a single tap
- Rather low-cost to get going, can still progress even though maps without having Inpulsa
- All round far better defenses than Blade Vortex (effortless access to leech and life gained on hit)
- Decent league starter

- Beacon of Ruin is laggy as hell
- Not probably the most beginner friendly create out there
- Needs a handful of semi-expensive things to attain maximum potential
- Just isn’t nerf proof

Gems Guide:
6l Blade Flurry — Elemental Damage with Attacks — Added Lightning Harm — Hypothermia — Lightning Penetration — Enhanced Area of Effect/Concentrated Impact
For 5l drop Lightning Penetration
4l Herald of Ice — Cold to Fire — Hypothermia — Innervate
4l Cast When Harm Taken — Immortal Call — Inscreased Duration — Vaal Haste
3l Hearld of Thunder — Culling Strike — Onslaught
3l Shield Charge/Whirling Blades — More rapidly Attacks — Fortify
Summon Lightning Golem Blood Rage Herald of Ash

Bandits:Kill all

Shaper of Desolation > Beacon of Ruin > Pendulum of Destruction > Mastermind of Discord

Pantheon:Soul of Arakaali (Capture Arachnoxia) and Soul of Shakari (Capture Terror of the Infinite Drifts)

Leveling Guide:
Recommend levelling with Blade Vortex to at the least Blood Aqueduct. Begin with Freezing Pulse linked to Arcane Surge and Onslaught (in case you can ask an individual to purchase it for you personally or get it oneself on a further character, as witch can not get Onslaught in act 1).
At level 12 you could commence employing Blade Vortex. Priority hyperlinks are — Added Lightning Harm, Efficacy and later Controlled Destruction in case you have a 4l/Tabula. At level 16 you can add Physical to Lightning (replace Added Lightning Harm if you are not using a Tabula). Recall to buy and level your other gems prior to switching to Blade Flurry.

Note: This levelling will cost you 12 respec points to switch to Blade Flurry (not a major deal, you’ll be able to get all of the points at no cost from quests).

PoB Link:

Ability Tree:https://tinyurl.com/yatc49ya

Instance Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2190819

[POE 3.4 Elementalist]Triple Herald Blade Vortex Elementalist Build

That is the Triple Herald Elementalist Blade Vortex make — my try to produce the Elementalist wonderful again. Fantastic all-rounder, viable for all content material.

The make uses all 3 components via damage conversion and additional elemental harm:
Cold using the Hrimsorrow gloves:Lightning with all the Physical to Lightning support,Fire with the Herald of Ash and also the Added Fire Damage support,What ever extra elements you get from the shaped weapons

The develop is relatively beefy:Over 200% elevated life can get you as much as 7k hp for those who invest into it. With Mind more than Matter you may get as much as 8k EHP.The damage is terrific so you kill most almost everything just before they get to hit you.Numerous cold damage means that things get chilled and frozen all the time.Herald of Ice shatters nearly every little thing so you leave no bodies for that nasty detonate dead or those pesky porcupines.Really agile with Whirling Blades as a movement skill — threats are quick to dodge. Also fortify.

3.4 Update:
- Blade vortex ability is unchanged
- Inpulsa is unchanged
- Some nodes on our talent tree path have been modified granting 4–5% far more harm all round
- New physical Herald of Purity is potentially usable

- Superior clear speed 
- Great single target harm
- Quite tanky — 7–8k eHP
Fairly affordable to gear, not gated behind rare/expensive uniques. Fantastic league starter, SSF is achievable.
Scales exceptionally effectively in the end-game

- Blade vortex mechanics might really feel clunky to some
- Need to be in melee range to deal harm

Bandits: Assistance Alira.
Crit multiplier, resists, mana regen — the lot, everything is helpful for this build.

Pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord -> Shaper of Desolation -> Beacon of Ruin

Important: Brine King (prevents stunlocks)
Minor: Gruthkul (phys damage reduction) or Shakari (poison immunity)

Leveling Guide:
15 Points: Pick Witch starting damage nodes followed by life/mana nodes.Level with Freezing pulse, switch to Arc or Firestorm at level 12 in case you like.

25 Points: Head more than to the templar region.Do not overlook to level blade vortex gem can be a spare slot. You are going to must get some further dexterity on gear (jade amulet) or take Precision node earlier.Take Herald of Ash as a quest reward and start out employing it.

40 points: Visit the scion life wheel to get some extra life and regen. If making use of firestorm as your leveling ability, take the duration cluster sooner in lieu of later.Do the very first lab around level 35–38 and get the Pendulum of Destruction ascendancy node. Get started using Blade Vortex. Advisable 4 link setup is Blade Vortex — Added Fire Harm — Controlled Destruction — Physical to Lightning. After you get five links, add Improved Essential Strikes help. You might also want a source of leech to solve the sustain difficulties. Do the Siosa library quest, purchase Warlord’s Mark and Blasphemy gems from him and use them in conjunction with Herald of Ash.

63 Points: Dexterity is becoming a bottleneck now. Take Precision for +20 dex when you have not taken it earlier. Take AoE node within the templar region and move towards the shadow region choosing up +30 dex node in your way there. Take a jewel slot and put Assassin Haste (quest reward) there. Do the second lab after you have around 2–2.5k life and take the Mastermind of Discord ascendancy node. Add Herald of Thunder as your second herald.

84 Points:Take the second duration cluster inside the scion region as well as the enhanced life recovery from flasks nodes there. Then take life and mana nodes above the witch start.Acquire Hrimsorrow gloves and switch to aura-less Warlord’s Mark setup described within the Gems and Links section and start off using all 3 heralds. It is probably an excellent notion to obtain MoM after that.

101 Points: Take the shadow location nodes, then Devotion life cluster within the templar location. Choose jewel slots as you come across decent jewels.Then just finish the tree by picking remaining life and damage nodes. Concentrate on life 1st.

PoB Hyperlink:

Skill Tree:
Level 90: www.poeurl.com/b2OJ
Level 91: www.poeurl.com/b2OL
Level 92: www.poeurl.com/b2OL

Example Hyperlink:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2112439

[POE 3.4 Elementalist] Avatar of Fire BV elementalist All Content Guide Build

This create gets extra harm from converting all Physical harm, 50% from Avatar of Fire is fire, 50% from Hrimsorrow/burn is Cold. 50% of this cold is then converted to fire by means of Avatar of Fire, plus the other 50% of Cold is converted to fire by way of the skill gem Cold to Fire Support.

3.4 Update:
Not much changed here, a little diverse pathing around the tree. Will perform towards the end-game gear perfect comparable to this https://pastebin.com/a2VZrDhN. Likely wont be working with brightbeak at all anymore. Advocate going standard tri-herald bv until you start gearing up with inpulsa and other core uniques.

+ BV is actually a speedy map farmer
+ Avatar of Fire pushes the harm to insane levels even with a brightbeak
+ A lot more harm than tri-herald
+ Almost everything burns — 1.6m DPS with Brightbeak (not including shock) — more than 3mil+ working with shaper stat sticks (not which includes shock)
+ Is often budget, but also scale substantially with investment
+ not as laggy as tri-herald (substantial distinction for my computer)

- Avatar of fire only converts 50% of Inpulsa’s explosion — not too noticeable but warranted pointing out
- Life can really feel a little low until you get the best gear, similar with recovery (really should possess a life flask)
- Herald of Ice doesn’t pop due to the fact we are not chilling, a bit much less of a pop when compared with the common tri-herald BV create

Alira — Elemental resists are hard to come by and crit multi is essential, mana regen is a substantial bonus too

Wind up 4 stacks, then dive in with brightbeak shield charge. Soon after every/every other pack cast after then dive in to the next pack.

Major God
Soul of Solaris for the physical harm and crit damage reductions. Arguably Arakali could be great with immortal call/blood rage setup, or soul of Brine King for stunlock prevention.

Minor God
Soul of Ryslatha is my preference, fills up our health potion which can be required in lab and boss fights if we run low on charges

PoB Link:
Level 80 — https://pastebin.com/p4jxNYsQ
Level 95 — https://pastebin.com/dkA0ZMrD
Level 96 — https://pastebin.com/Fxs0DaXt

Skill Tree:
Very first 50 pts — www.poeurl.com/b0tE
Level 65 — www.poeurl.com/b0tD
Level 80 — www.poeurl.com/b0tC 
Level 95 — www.poeurl.com/b0tB

Example Link:http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2183511

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