Poe 3.6 Synthesis Duelist Builds with SKill Blade Flurry

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Mar 2, 2019 · 4 min read

Path of Exile Blade Flurry is usually a channeling melee attack. Blade Flurry’s tooltip will not be sufficiently precise since it shows Typical Harm (ignoring Attack Speed) and does not account for stage bonus. Here is how you’ll be able to learn your actual DPS: Base*1.6*2*(StageMult). Exactly where Base could be the base harm given by gem level, and StageMult ranges from 1.1 to 1.85 (see table in Derivation) depending on which stage level you usually attain ahead of release. This formula also assumes your return strike(s) can hit an enemy; get rid of the two in the middle to approximate what occurs when your return strikes do not run an enemy.

[Poe 3.6 Slayer Build] 20% culling strike with tons of DPS for easy boss killing

A huge plus to this build is that you get to level with the super OP Sunder! Here’s which gems you should be getting, when you should get them and some great leveling uniques I like to use to make leveling a breeze. Credit for this goes out to McPeenSauce who realized he did not feel as tanky after switching from Bringer of Rain to a 6L Belly of the Beast and rare helm. So BoR has been buffed for 3.6, so it looks like it’s not even worth it to save up and buy a six linked Belly of the Beast. With a Belly, you gain 300–500 life, but you lose a ton of survivability that the blind, block and endurance charges BoR provides.

+ Insta-Leech without Vaal Pact + Leech over time + keep your health regen!
+ Immune to Bleed & Stuns while leeching
+ Only 2 required unique items
+ Cheap! You don’t have to grind-farm to gear up. The PoE currency you collect and gear you sell while you level and begin to fill out your atlas will pay for required uniques!
+ 20% culling strike with tons of DPS for easy boss killing to deal with the uber buffed boss HP in 3.6
+ Very few map mods you cannot do

- You have to be right up on dangerous bosses, and it’s a melee build after all.
- Don’t dodge one shot = you die.
- Can’t do Phys reflect before taking Headsman Ascendancy.
- No leech maps extremely difficult.
- No regen/slower regen maps are lazy because you can’t spam Whirling Blades.

Pob Link — https://pastebin.com/DPj1jNP7
Skill Tree — http://bit.ly/2PPCwga
Build Detail — https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1925500

[Poe 3.6 Champion Build] Easy and Cheap to gear for lots of improvements as you need more Poe currency

100% Not. This is a build that I tweaked explicitly to fit me. Do to you what feels right and looks good for YOU. You are the one that has to play it and enjoy it. Trust me when I say if you change your damage by a few hundred or even a few thousand or swap your defenses around it will not make or break the build for the most part. However, keep in mind that I will always advise people to do what has laid out in the build.
Correct Vaal reave does not work with multistrike, but 99% of the time you are just using normal reave. Vaal leaves only when you get up charges, so it has a bigger aoe.
As for leveling, you cleave excellent for about 15 levels or so then drops off pretty fast especially without right gear to sustain it — you’re probably much better off going for something like BV or molten strike or something.

+ Very fun and engaging build to play
+ Demonic Reave MTX looks sweet
+ Breakneck pace build
+ Incredible movement speed with whirling blades
+ Very decent aoe clear
+ One of the best single target dmg gems in the game
+ Great evasion/dodge/dmg reduction
+ Free 100% accuracy with ascendancy class
+ Free fortify on 100% of the time
+ Stun immune
+ Can do almost all map mods (avoid any reflect Phys OR ele)
+ Able to do all content (all maps, uber Atziri, all labs, shaper and guardians, elder, uber elder)
+ Amazing defensive capabilities

- Ele Reflect OR Phys Reflect maps are NOT possible
- Can not leech maps are NOT possible
- Can be pretty expensive to fully min/max yourself for end game gear

Pob Link — https://pastebin.com/KSzFykwj
Skill Tree — http://bit.ly/2tLyFXS
Build Detail — https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2129351

[Poe 3.6 Gladiator Build] Toughness build and Good DPS, 75% block&spell block chance

477 DPS Rapier ~15–20 Exalted Orbs on the league, Hits can’t be evaded is must have with The Surrender, You also can run with 11% of Non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage/extra elem/16% penetrate with Lycosidae instead of Hits can’t be evaded

+ All content viable
+ Good DPS (up to 5,5+ shaper DPS)
+ 75% block&spell block chance (79% while mapping)
+ Toughness build
+ Hardcore viable

- Expensive
- Can’t run elemental reflect maps
- Can’t run any leech maps
- Melee
- DoT is our weakness

Pob link — https://pastebin.com/2QfgThXK
Skill tree — http://bit.ly/2HazuRF
Build Detail — https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2318950

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