How to charge faster and smarter with u:Plug

Find out how u:Plug allows for faster and smarter charging of your gadgets via USB cable only.

Recently, u:Plug was named one of the most innovative start-ups in Macedonia by Youth Time Magazine: “This start-up is focused on creating products with stunning and exceptional materials, adding some art as well. Their products are crafted with great care and they give attention to the tinniest details. Their products are beautiful and functional, the perfect fit for every home, office or venue.”

Indeed, u:Plug is beautiful and functional, but it also brings something new to the table when it comes to charging — it allows you to charge your electronics faster and smarter. u:Plug outputs the standard 5V and 2A of electricity on two USB slots and provides a near-perfect charging curve every time. The intelligent technology inside u:Plug allows faster charging while at the same time improving the battery health and longevity of your devices.

Perhaps most importantly, u:Plug protects the devices from overcharging. Overcharging is a serious issue that quickly and unnoticeably reduces the health of your device’s battery. We always leave our gadgets to charge overnight because we need to use them as soon as we wake up and thus we quickly shorten the life span of our expensive gadgets. At u:Plug we asked ourselves — why change your habits when you can fix the problem?

u:Plug uses intelligent charging cycles to keep the battery of your gadgets healthy and long-lasting. We’ve put special efforts to relieve the battery from “stress charging” and used vampire drain technology to prevent overcharging and save your gadgets while still allowing you to sleep soundly knowing your gadgets will be ready-to-use in the morning.

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