The new power outlet has arrived!

And it’s real sexy :)

It’s been an interesting and challenging one and a half year, but we’re finally here — this week we launched the preorders on our very first product — the u:Plug new power outlet. Our team of five has worked very hard to create the very best product and, with hardware, that’s quite a difficult task. More often than not the first version is the only version and it has to be perfect, otherwise it fails. There is no update or patch you can send if the product has an issue, so it is imperative to take the time to make every single part absolutely prefect — and that’s what we did with u:Plug.

Our mission with creating u:Plug was to re-imagine the power outlet for the smart age. We realized that today’s outlets were not up to par with the latest technology, and yet we were still using an outdated product to charge our modern gadgets. The traditional plug actually damages your gadgets’ batteries by overcharging them — u:Plug was specifically designed to allow you to charge your devices faster while at the same time keeping their batteries healthy and prolonging their lifespan. u:Plug does all that while at the same time making your life easier and more beautiful — it allows you to charge using only a USB cable, shows you the stage of the charging cycle with just a glance and keeps your device safely stored while charging. It’s also pretty sexy and comes in both white and black options, fitting into every modern home, office or venue perfectly.

Let’s talk features


u:Plug has two high performing USB plugs for simultaneous charging — this means you can charge both your tablet and mobile device at the same time, or any other device, perfectly every time.


We pay hundreds of dollars for our gadgets and yet we usually leave them on the floor unsafe while charging because its cable can’t reach the desk. That’s why we’ve implemented a special cradle in u:Plug which allows you to keep your gadgets both safe and ventilated.


Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to get up and check your phone every 15 minutes to see if it’s done charging? We thought so, too. That’s why u:Plug has two smart LED lights which use brightness to indicate how charged your device is at any given moment. When you plug it in, the brightness will automatically be set to show the current battery levels and will increase as the battery charges. Once it’s done charging, the light turns green and the charging automatically stops in order to prevent overcharging.


u:Plug outputs the standard 5V and 2A of electricity on both USB slots and provides a near-perfect charging curve every time. Our intelligent technology allows faster charging while at the same time improving battery health and longevity.


Overcharging is a serious issue that quickly and unnoticeably reduces the health of your device’s battery. We always leave our gadgets to charge overnight because we need to use them as soon as we wake up, but in this way we quickly shorten the life span of our expensive gadgets. Why change your habits when you can fix the problem? u:Plug uses intelligent charging cycles to keep the battery of your gadgets healthy and long-lasting. We’ve put special efforts to relieve the battery from “stress charging” and used vampire drain technology to prevent overcharging and save your gadgets, while still allowing you to sleep soundly knowing your gadgets will be ready-to-use in the morning.

Now that you have read all about our new power outlet, we would like to reward you with a ‘48 hours only’ discount code which you can apply at checkout: G6TZUr56art. Share our love with your friends.

u:Plug is available for preorder right now at our website at a special price to celebrate the launch.

Our team

We want to thank our friends, family, supporters and everyone who helped us in our u:Plug journey — u:Rock! We’re definitely not stopping here and are working on creating more innovative products that will make our lives simply better. Stay tuned and visit our website