5 Common Issues with MacBook Air, and how to fix them!

Are you facing issues with your MacBook Air? It doesn’t make a difference if you have an older version or the most recent, most transient Air model — consistently things turn out badly with this ultra-light laptop. This article will help you to make things right once more. Look at the rundown below for common issues that Air clients have encountered and how to fix them!

5 common issues that happen with your MacBook Air:

1.I can’t turn on my MacBook Air
Firstly you need to check whether your Mac is completely turned off or just your screen only. Is still making noise? If yes! Then restart it by pressing power button for 10 seconds continuously, and then your Apple MacBook Air will be on.

2.Unresponsive trackpad
Sometimes due to technical issues, trackpad stops responding due o which user becomes helpless to use it. In this situation, first try cleaning and drying the trackpad because many times due to Moisture, grime, and dust can confuse it.

3.Failure in shutting down you MacBook Air
Check whether all the opened apps are being closed properly or not. Of all are closed and press power button till the MacBook won’t get off. 
Note: It can be risky if your MacBook Air is trying to update, so make sure that all the apps are closed and then only use this method.

4.Wi-Fi stopped working normally
Try to turn off and then on it again to reset your Wi-Fi network. Always try to download any app using Apple Menu and select Software Updates for any important OS X upgrades.

5.Facetime is not working…
Now it’s right time to Update and restart your MacBook Air. Firstly open Apple Menu and select Software Update to find any available OS X updates. Once it gets completed, choose Restart in the same menu.

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