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Every PC user deals at least once with having a computer problem in their lives. Even the most fixed, protected machine is not secure from the buggy virus, malware, adware and infected software, hardware failure, or often the unusual loose wire. PC errors can become the great headache, bring productivity down and potentially cost a lot.

Here are some common signs of computer problems, and their desirable causes.

For the mentioned below issue, you can contact to UAE Technician for desktop repair Dubai serves at affordable prices. The common desktop problems are:

· The Computer is unable to Turn On

It is a user’s worst nightmare when you click the power tab and then nothing happen. It may be a simple error as a loose cord, or as a severe dead power supply. Another regular PC issue is when the computer turns on the button lights gets on, but the machine doesn’t boot or displays a blank screen that might be a dead (or unplugged) monitor, dead hard drive or sometimes corrupted boot sector.

· Lockups and Freezes

The monstrous “BSOD (blue screen of death)” has irritated many a user, since it brings the computer to the halt and shows an error message that’s absolutely indecipherable for users. Lockups issues caused by numerous issues like buggy software, or a Pc running out of memory, bad hardware driver, overheating, and RAM going bad, or the hard drive failing that results in spontaneous shutdowns.

· Lazy Performance

After deleting files and applications from the computer, all the junk data gets left behind. Unnecessary files and data can rack up and degrade your Pc performance. Ironically, using heavy antivirus software, while can slow down a PC’s performance. Low hard drive space or limited RAM space also leads to slow down the computer process.

· Strange or unwanted Noises

Is your PC is making a strange noise? Then it indicates a fan dying issue. Pc accumulate dust over time due to which fans get clogged that results in slow performance, decrease in effectiveness and produces unpleasant grinding noises.

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