Lessons from outdoor session with #amalfamily

In the Amal journey from start till the end all the sessions were amazing, full of thoughts, full of knowledge and learning and full of fun. The last day was like we are excited as well as unhappy. Excited in the sense that we are completing our graduation of 3 months with a network and new friends and unhappy as we were not willing to leave the platform of Amal at any rate. The most things I enjoyed are the linkage through the thread making a close and strong network and a thank you note to the Amal family.

The tour guide experience was interesting. Our group was assigned to have a detail of Old Lahore Masjid Wazir Khan. I learned a lot in these regards. One thing I learnt is again the teamwork. We gave suggestions about the suitable place and time and final decision was made by meeting with all the members in which all were agreed.

The lessons i learnt from the places we explored is that we were planning for the trip where we enjoyed a lot and which is reachable and approachable easily for everything. Time management was the main factor in this regard.

The sessions proved helpful in maintaining life balance. We explored new ideas and thinking that we didn’t know before joining Amal Fellowship. I will maintain this balance in my entire life where I respect every human, show kindness, helping others, care for others, solve others’ problems and build my career to a peak level.

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