Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro technique is such an effective time management tool which I found really helpful. I applied this technique in completing my Amal projects and at the time when I was in hostel during my midterm and final term exams. We friends were in the hostel room studying in the group. So after a short time we stop studying and to free our self we listened music or played games. Sometimes we often go outside for the walk to get air where we felt relaxed. At that time I was not aware of that Pomodoro technique.

After joining Amal Academy I came to know Pomodoro Technique. In doing Amal project work I found this technique helpful as it works for me well. I set timer of 25 minutes, avoid all the distractions don’t put my phone off but kept it on silent and rewarded myself for spending 10 minutes with my laptop to play games or chat with my friends or listen to music but still I became able to complete them in at least 6 Pomodoro. So the things which I have learned from this technique is to work with time, managing distractions & expectations, and knowing the worth of every single little thing which are around us. It helps me to realize the importance of managing time according to your entire scheduled work. So, whenever I feel lazy in doing my tasks then I will definitely apply Pomodoro technique to done my work on time along with performing my other duties too.

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