Veganism is Capitalism in practice
Justin Goro

Although I consider myself a libertarian anarchist, I sometimes go away from capitalist ideas, because some of them aren’t aplyed in reality, for example, the non-agression pact, it only exists, if there is the power to make it exist, or if many people join together to use their powers so it can exist.

A quick example: I have a house, and gun — you come to my house, and try to take it by force — I shoot you, and I protected my house. That’s a case NAP worked.
But there is the case it doens’t at least at the moment, likewise if you came with a war tank instead of nothing, my gun would have no effect at all, so I would be forced to hand over my house to you, and the only way I could recover it, would be making something only we, human have, the POST DEFENSE.

POST DEFENSE: The tactic of using arguments to persuade, or convince, someone(s) to believe that you were attacked, and justify a counter agression, to the one already done.

A courthouse, for example, is quite a good sample of how humans used this device well.

So in the case you came up to my house with a tank, and forced me to go outta there, the only way I would save my house, would be convincing people with enough power, to intimidate you, and your tank, so that you’d hand back my house to me, and probably pay for material damages, and other stuff courthouses make.

The same is aplied with animals. I, as an individual, chop a pig for example, and eat it, so noone says it’s wrong, that makes me free, that’s why the only way carnism will end, will be by making people wish to defend them.

If there is something that breaks NAP away, is the DFP(DeFence Principle), there is no private property or private ownership, if there is not, or there is not enough defense, or post defense, to make it be.

But well, this text was good, it was the only mislead of this, well, most anarcho capitalist texts mislead on this. It wasn’t enough to convince me to don’t eat pigs yet though, but it might have convinced a few, with will force me to don’t by defending the poor pigs, hope you vegans keep your work like that at least, rather than protecting the State.

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