UAP’s word to the world

All the way through the human history, among many cultures and nations, there was a resource valued so high, it could unite deadly enemies and bring chaos among best friends. It has become a symbol of power and success not only for noble shine, but also for it’s ability to not get oxidized. We’re talking about gold and United African Prospectors intention is to make gold the key to your success.

Amanam Thambithurai — CEO UAP

United African Prospectors is a private mining company, specializing in gold and jewel extraction. Our company was established in 2012, as an outcome of an investment experiment. It involved former partners investing into gold mining facilities around the world and in Africa specifically. Careful data analysis allows company to reinvest into operating mines without risks, raising annual income.

At the moment, UAP has 2 top-priority projects:

The Dreadger, Ghana — our pioneer project in Africa, an autonomous dredging unit extracting gold at Lake Volta site. Currently operating.

Rufunsa Exploration Project — open-pit mine with a heap-leech processing facility. Located in Rufunsa District, Zambia. Currently in construction phase.

All this success wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of Zalem Dvivedi, company’s CEO. One of the former investors, he has been monitoring UAP’s activity and creating solutions to any problems that stood on the way. Elected in 2018, he has already got 12 years experience as a construction executive and more than 10 years of experience as an engineer/project manager in mining-related projects. Thus saying, his talent and incredible contributions made him the leader, who can keep UAP on the vertex of greatness.

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