The Rise in Popularity of Drone Photography & Videography

What was once a rare occasion, to see a drone circulating above you, is now a common sight in busy urban areas, or at popular events and gatherings. So what has caused the rise in popularity for drone photography & videography and is this set to continue?

More accessible and attainable

One of the underlying reasons that drone photography and videography has become so widespread is just how easily accessible and attainable it has become.

Whether you are an amateur drone owner and operator, who has attached a recording device to your machine, or you are a photographer, or videographer using drones for professional use, the access to affordable drones has become a game changer.

What was once an expensive hobby is now affordable for anyone who is interested in pursuing the activity. Even without buying your own drone, there are now many companies which now specialize in drone photography and videography, offering their hired services at any event, or gathering.

As a result, it has never been more accessible and attainable to capture drone footage, for whichever purpose that you may have. So, what are some of the main reasons that people may want to use drone photography and videography?

New view of surroundings

From an artistic and photographic point of view, a drone allows you access to views and heights that in the past may have been inaccessible to reach. Previously, one of the only ways you could capture an aerial shot would have been to use a private plane, or helicopter, which come at a considerable cost.

Drones have opened this previously closed area to a wealth of new people, where they are now able to capture and record aerial views of their surroundings. These can be used for one of many different purposes, both professionally and recreationally.

Drone use in real estate marketing

If you are selling a property, then well-chosen pictures from a drone, combined with videography, can provide the wow factor that delivers a buyer for the home.

When viewing a house, it is often difficult to get a feeling for the surroundings, which you will want to outline to the buyer if you are living in an area where there are many parks and other beneficial features nearby. Drone photography and videography helps deliver this perfectly, becoming a relatively low cost, but highly effective marketing tool for the housing market.

Drone use for capturing events

Another occasion for which you may want to use drone photography and videography is when capturing special events that occur.

Whether this is to be used on a personal level, such as a wedding video, or for a more corporate affair, such as an advertising video for a business, drones are able to effectively capture any outdoor and many indoor events.

Future use

As the drones themselves become technologically more advanced and increasingly affordable, it is highly likely that drone photography and videography will continue to grow in popularity and use.