Awesome Experiences At Andela

Hopefully, today will be the final day for the first part of the Self-Learning Clinic in the Boot-camp. We are supposed to be rounding up our respective tasks, finishing up our codes, running our tests on them, pushing them to our remote repository, writing our blog posts. So much to be done in so little a time. It has been six days in a stretch. Which is why it has been really interesting, so far. You may call it a rush of adrenaline, a release of dopamine, an ease of spring. Whatever may be the case, whatever you may imagine about these experiences, it has been peacefully awesome. You know that feeling one has when one operates in one’s frequency, that is how I feel presently. I hope to continue with this level of operation. That calm composure when the mind is so clear that you can scrutinize every idea that passes through it, and make the most out of it. That is what one gets when one strives to think logically. I love what I am getting from this boot-camp, it makes me think logically. Steve Jobs, in one of his speeches in the States, was known to have said, ‘Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think’. Nothing can be truer than this. I will take my time to study algorithm development deeply. Software Engineering, it seems to me, is not just about churning out codes; it is about solving problems and algorithm development is all about the study of solutions to problems, or of problems without solutions.

Once I am through for today, I’ll rest for a while to prepare for the second part of the Self-Learning Clinic. I have received the electronic mail for the invitation. Mine is scheduled on Friday, the thirteenth of January, 2017. Good luck to all those who will have theirs on Thursday.

Until then, I promise to keep up the energy.

Ubajaka, CJ.

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