CHAINS OF GOLD: My Boot-Camp Experiences, 1st Sequel.

A though flashed through mind as I was about to begin this blog-post. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Not that I claim to be tough, but I believe in the undaunted power of a resolute will. I assume that everybody who is involved in this exercise is charged up. How can you afford to get distracted when your codes are not passing through the test cases; or when you try to grasp a concept so necessary to you for the solution of a problem? If others may not admit the obvious, I am charged up. There were some of the moments in my life when I had reached this high level of mental activity, but none of them has been this long. It has been for me, a chain of activity to activity, only to relax my mind for some moments with playing chess, if that could be a recreation to me, because I play the game in my Android phone, to refresh my thought process, and to relax in order to dive back into my codes. I programmed on a stretch from morning till night. When one is in the zone, one tends to forget that time passes. But in my case, I was deliberately conscious of time, only that I wasn’t willing to let go if I have not solved the task at hand. I would browse the net, read up new materials, study codes from the same or different languages, confer with my fellows-in-Andela and friends, until I have resolved the issue at hand, then I move over to the next. This was the line of activity for me till I worked through the midnight.

When nature called, I deliberately yielded so that I will be reinvigorated for the remaining task, the next day.

Ubajaka, CJ.

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