Contentions for the Supernatural!

Getting to know the Lord and being a Christian means many things to different people for different reasons. A lot of times we’re presented with the wrong image of God, of Jesus, of the church, pastors etc.

But this write up today is not about the doctrines that are taught or are not because I am really not a theologian in that sense. Rather its about the plain old simple living truth of God’s word what He expects from us; how we enjoy the fullness of His life.

Well time to head into my story.

It begins with becoming saved (knowing, recognising and accepting the deity, sacrifice and substitutionary work of Jesus for me, my sins forgiven and becoming a new creation in Christ) having made a decision to have a relationship with God and not merely to know about Him but truly know Him and submit myself to Him.

I quickly recognised that the Word of God is not an opinion or a combination of different thoughts but a book of divine authorship containing the very mind of God concerning man and his relationship with him.

It became apparent to me that this is something I must either commit to or totally forget.

The first struggle was really to submit my intelligence (I counted myself to be a naturally intelligent logical free thinker) to something I couldn’t even validate with fact.

This would seem like the most stupid thing to do. And even though natural evidence couldn’t ‘back up’ the claims of the divine Word of God something more real and convicting gave witness to everything I read and saw from the scriptures.

I knew at that moment that a choice needed to be made, it’s either I commit myself to the truth (having a witness on the inside more convincing than anything else) or follow hard facts and reason.

The next challenge is the focus of this read.

Coming from a background that accepted the deity of Jesus but never really took His Word seriously is a big deal.

All of a sudden I began to feel alienated as I gave myself more and to know and understand His Word and His will and align myself with His realities.

It seemed like the more I did this, the more I felt uncomfortable about the way Christians lived generally.

I was initially perplexed because what I could see from the book was diametrically opposite to what I could see in the lives of many believers, so many were weak and helpless going through life without hope and any sense of assurance about tomorrow, while clearly I could see the Word constantly pointing towards victory and glory for the believer.

It was like I was looking at two opposite images of what is supposed to be the same person at the same time (get it?). I felt alone even in a crowd (believers) that are supposed to be family. It seemed very few people got it. Very few understood that things had changed forever with becoming New!

I had to go far to make friends and by friends I mean books of people who could see the light, who were pursuing the things I could see. Happily they were others like me and I treasured their fellowship.

They could see the same things I saw, and we were willing to pursue: to go on and know Him until He influences every area of our being. I couldn’t just put together how and why things were so different from what was seen in the Word.

My questions were simple:

  • How could you have been in this new life for so long and you dont even know this?
  • Is it not possible to live the way God desires for us?
  • Is this perception of myself that I see from this book really who I am?

Like the first time, there was something constantly pushing and pressing in my heart, a voice constantly saying:

This is for you, this is who you are, this is what you have. This is what I desire for all my children. It pleases Me when you live in the fullness of my goodness and love and show the same to others.

It was that voice, that witness that stirred me up to the next decision. The decision to pursue and make it mine. I could readily see that all there was available could be mine if I just went after it.

If I just leave my comfort zone and commit myself to learn and to engage everything that God has for me in this new life.

However to think that nothing would try to stop you from pursuing, that ‘deals’ wouldn’t be presented to keep you ‘comfortable’ is to be ignorant. You’ll have numerous opportunities to settle for less, to be just ok.

But it was time for devotion a decision to guard my faith, a decision to progress deeper in the knowledge and the will of God for me. A decision to embrace the supernatural life of faith.

believing becomes more than a testimony, it is a stance and a pursuit of greater realities. It becomes the pursuit of the supernatural.

Yes He still heals through people, He still delivers and sets free, He still provides and opens doors, Yes He is still the prince of peace, Yes He is Jesus the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.

I realised that being a blessing to people means you must be different. You must truly stand out, your convictions must be your reality. You must be One with the object and subject of your faith! Constantly pursuing, laying hold, obeying, conforming and aligning.

You may fall but you rise again, may stumble, but you keep pursuing. You contend until it’s yours.

You read until you catch the vision.

You meditate until you see the light.

You pray until it becomes a reality in you.

Once people identify your stance for truth irrespective of the norm and challenges. They emulate you. They learn from you. They also begin to see the supernatural is still at work.

the greatest way to safeguard your faith is to make a commitment to growth!

This is not being spooky and tramping on people in a bid to witness to them about your faith but rather staying with your convictions in everything. Loving with His love, caring with His care. Trusting in His power. Standing for truth and speaking the same. Knowing that things are different because the Greater One is on your inside!

Many still yearn for the supernatural but have lost the passion to pursue due to adverse situations faced and in simple terms-the reality of life.

But we could be their example. We could be those who would follow on to know the Lord in His power and glory. Those who walk in the gifts of the spirit and experience the victory in all things.

My musings today is simply to stir you. You the Christian who has come the know the Lord, you can progress in that knowledge. You can know Him better and be acquainted with His words and principles more deeply.

There is an amazing Supernatural journey awaiting you. Yes, you’ll need help on the way and many would come your way to stir you up like this through their books, meetings and messages.

But it’s available! Contend you must! But His grace has got you!

Now we’ve seen lives touched. We’ve seen healings, deliverance, joy, peace etc. Not yet there or even close but at least we’ve started off on the journey. Contending each day to Live His Supernatural on the earth.

Pls leave a comment if you were blessed by this and recommend to others. You’re loved! Thanks