Android: Woes of an end user and a developer.

Disclaimer: First time writing a blog so bear with my content.

I write this as I am factory resetting my HTC One M7, once a ‘flagship’ with x number of cores, 2 GB RAM etc etc. Well, no longer a flagship, why? Not because it lost a core or a GB of RAM got damaged and it managed to downgrade on its own. No, its not a flagship anymore because of the carelessness by all the developers around the world (no offense, I am myself an android developer) pushing apps with attractive icons and not really caring where this app gets installed, whether its a high end device, or a tablet, or a phone (for a change?).

Today, I spent around an hour turning off “Show notifications” on every app. These days, thanks to the awesome notification facilities provided by Google, app developers, companies, seem to be following this new trend of push notifications, pushing all kinds of data (mostly nonsense). Also, every other app wants to build a sync service these days. I saw a grocery delivery app register itself as an sync adapter and scheduled itself to sync every 4–5 hours. A grocery delivery requires a sync every 4–5 hours. Right.

The android market place, the ecosystem, is filled with apps providing all kinds of services. Its actually great, you (as an end user) get a lot of options, 10 different grocery apps, 10 different food delivery apps and the list goes on. But the point is, developers or maybe the companies are so focused on pushing the app to the market, they really don’t focus on performance and ultimately the end user is forced to download the upgrade of that app, either because it crashed, or some feature wasn’t working as expected.

I understand, you need to get your app promoted, reach the end users, but clearly this is not the way. Please try to write good code, at-least try to do ‘some’ basic unit testing, don’t bombard the user with your useless discounts/offers all the time. I have food at home to eat, I really don’t need a notification for a discount on food. As an example, the other day my phone got so hot (was using the navigation app), I had to put it front of my car AC to cool it off.

A humble note to all devs/companies, please, give it a rest. Peace.

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