Designed for Envy, Sold for Ideology: The Launch of Apple Watch
Roderick Morris

Apple Watch Envy and Ideology: Response

I just posted a piece on the Apple Watch that takes on a different stance on Apple’s latest product. To be sure, I own lots of Apple products, and own personal shares of stock outside my 401K. However, I do believe envy is not a sustainable “design strategy” if you want to call it that.

Simplicity, great experience, utility, value, are descriptors that come to mind with technology. By contrast, when I think of envy, I remember growing up envying the kids who had Izod shirts when I did not.

When I think of ideology, symbolism can be overwhelmingly powerful when it comes to promoting a certain ideology. The ideology of a $5,000 watch seems to imply, one is a “chump” or not accomplished enough or their parents are not wealthy enough if they don’t have one. This will invariably backfire for Apple, IMHO — I hope I am wrong.

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