Just Say No to An Apple Watch

Here’s why Apple’s new watch is likely one of their first product mistakes since the passing of Steve Jobs.

First, people are looking to connect more, and willing to engage with each other face to face. As people focus on being more mindful and willing to break bad digital habits that are simply rude to borderline obnoxious, focusing on a watch will not be tolerated as a matter of basic decorum.

Second, what is the point? In my family, here’s my Apple inventory:

1 iMac

1 Macbook

2 iPads (1st gen don’t work now)

1 iPad 3

1 iPad mini

4 iPhones (4, 5C and 5S)

2 Magic Mouse

2 Apple TV

When is enough enough? More important, watches should be timeless treasures a parent can hand down or have some level of sentimental value (e.g. first bonus, graduate from law school, so on). An Apple Watch is planned obsolescence at its best with NO sentimental value.

Third, the price is incongruent with most consumers’ economic situation. Apple Watch is out of step with real-life. I am reminded how certain products become status symbols in inner-city, low-income areas which creates an acute sense of having “less than” which can make certain people feel bad about themselves and further covet stuff.

Over the years, we’ve heard stories of violence when the new “Jordan’s” hit stores and young boys are robbed for their shoes. The same is imminent with Apple Watch for some demographic groups. Also, in this status obsessed culture, I can just imagine a wealthy entertainer buying a $50,000 version; does this mean the entry level version works differently or is not good enough and therefore “less than”— or is the $50K model just more blingy.

And finally, this is a “me too” move competitors can easily copy with cooler, more cost-effective designs. Also, I believe this is a “revenue” play to maintain the stocks’ momentum. My fundamental question to Apple is this: “will this watch function and look as great in 5 years as does my Rolex Tudor after owning for over 15 years?” The picture was taken with my Apple iPhone 5S with no filters or adjustments.

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