You’ve heard about UBER, you’ve used UBER, you’ve spoken to an UBER driver and now you’re thinking, ‘Hey, I can do that’. Perhaps you’re thinking ‘I can do a few hours whenever I want and earn a few extra bucks.’ It all seems so easy doesn’t it?

I’m not writing this to discourage you but I do feel that people are not given a realistic idea of what driving for UBER is like. The truth s that when you speak to people about what they do, they generally exaggerate. Im not just talking about UBER drivers here but people in general. Especially when it comes to how much money they make.

It’s seems to be a normal human reaction to overstate what they make. I don’t know the psychological reasons why people do it but they do. If someone makes $60k a year they generally say they make $65k plus overtime and bonuses on top if that. So yeah, they’ll push it out to $70k depending of course on how much you say you make.

Ask an UBER driver how much they make and they will overstate it as well. Maybe its to make themselves feel better, I really don’t know. The truth with UBER is how much you make per hour or per day depends on what days, times and how long you drive for. There is no general answer for this. I drive in Sydney and after a year I have found Friday afternoon/nights to be my best day. Others find Saturday nights to be the biggest night of the week. The issue is that you may not want to or be able to work on a Saturday night. So you wee its all relative to what days and times you work.

UBER supplies a break down of their peak times for your city and it is fairly accurate. Here is an example of the peak hours for my city Sydney.

You will find information like this on your local UBER site. Obviously if I drive between 6am and 9am, I stand a chance of making more per hour than of I drive Midday to 3pm. So you can see if your’e a mother of school age children who just wants to drive between school hours, that you will make less than someone who starts early and can be on the road during the high demand times.

From my experience working over many different times, days and various lengths of time, I would say that you should work on an average of about $25 per hour. Some days will be higher but $25 per hour is a good benchmark.

So is it worth it for $25 per hour?

This is how I look at it. $25 per hour is better than zero per hour. Aside from that, I have no boss looking over my shoulder, I have the flexibility of working when I want, where I want and I am comfortable in my own vehicle. Depending on my income needs, I can work 40 hours per week or just 10 hours per week. If I am hungry I can stop for food or coffee anytime. If I get a trip to the beach I can go for a swim and enjoy the sun for an hour, then get back in my car and I’m working again.

In my city I am coming across more people that have turned to UBER as a source of full time income. That requires a different mindset and commitment to just doing part time for a bit of extra cash. The beauty of UBER is that they just provide the platform. What and how you use it is up to you.

The important thing to remember is that there are no guarantees about how much you will make as an UBER driver. People you talk to can only comment on there own experiences and generally either totally rubbish it or exaggerate what they make. The best way is to get out there and do it and then decide if its worth your while or not. There are many other factors that you need to consider as well, so come back regularly and check out any new posts on this site.

Have an awesome day.

This post originally appeared on my blog