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Ubex has a new special offer for advertising agencies! They can now make use of the new Ubex White Label DSP feature. So what is it about?

When defining white label software, it is important to note that it represents a ready-made instrument that can be rebranded and used for the needs of any company requiring the functionality of such a toll. Developers who create such software later sell their solutions to other participants of a specific industry and receive additional income for their efforts.

A white label DSP is a non-branded advertising platform that is put up for sale. Instead of a monthly payment for a self-service DSP that ships as a SaaS, a white label DSP becomes a proprietary product. At the same time, the users of such DSPs save millions in development costs. …

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Ubex is pleased to announce the launch of three new tariffs for its users. Among the tariffs platform users can choose are the Base Tariff, the Optimal Tariff for 1–3 months, and the Business Tariff for 6–12 months.

The Tariffs are tailored to suit the needs of any Ubex platform users and include a number of convenient features that make working with the platform profitable and efficient.

The Base Tariff is free and offers ready-made settings with a banner constructor and manager assistance for setting up the first two campaigns. The given tariff is suitable for any budget.

The Optimal Tariff is best suited for budgets of $1,000 and more. The given tariff costs $49.99 and offers 5% discounts for a period of 5 months. The tariff includes full coverage of the Ubex community and insurance coverage guarantees. Users of the given tariff also get assistance in setting up the first 5 campaigns and prompt response times from the Ubex support team. …

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The Ubex project development team is delighted to announce the launch of a new feature that will allow users of the platform to have access to traffic package controls.

When accessing the platform, every new user of the Ubex service does not see a standard dashboard and interface, but a special window asking to choose whether they will be configuring the settings and controls of the platform manually, or selecting any of the options available in the ready-made presets / settings for a specific vertical. …


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