Ubex at Token2049 in Hong Kong

Ubex, the pioneering advertising exchange platform, has attended the Token 2049 Conference in Hong Kong, showcasing the project to a broad audience of industry professionals and enthusiasts.

CEO&Co-founder of Ubex Artem Chestnov with Founder of Civic Vinny Lingham

Ubex has presented the project at the conference and had multiple highlights at the event, one of which was a meeting with Vinny Lingham, the founder of the Civic project. The discussion was held on the topic of security solution development for Ubex internal platform currency holders and contributors.

Artem Chestnov & AI Sofia robot

The second major highlight was a meeting with Singularity Net representatives and their AI Sofia robot, who has already demonstrated her abilities as an advanced construct. Ubex has expressed heightened interest in collaborating with Singularity on the issue of developing algorithms, neuronets and AI solutions for the market. Ubex representatives are hopeful that negotiations with Singularity Net can proceed and develop into cooperation opportunities.

Token2049 is the largest digital asset event in Asia taking place on 20–21 March 2018, in Hong Kong, exploring in-depth the growing crypto ecosystem.

Ubex is conducting its full-scale roadshow and is aiming at visiting a series of high profile events of the blockchain industry to garner support for the pioneering project.

Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.