Ubex Attends Slush Tokyo

The Ubex team has attended the Slush Tokyo event, presenting the pioneering platform before a select audience of blockchain industry professionals.

The Ubex project was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and interest from the visitors. The uniqueness of application of AI, blockchain and transition to the Cost Per Action pricing model in advertising were the main attractions that garnered the interest of both the audience and professional industry contributors.

Alex Korobkov Ubex Head of Europe and Hayashi Masayasu venture capitalist of SBI investmen

Ubex considers Japan one of its key markets in terms of further business development and expansion, and as a major source of potential platform users and contributors.

Nagata Toyoshi CEO of Showcase Capital, Alex Korobkov Ubex Head of Europe and Yusuke Otsubo managing partner of United Managers Japan

The event proved most successful as the Ubex team was able to establish significant working relations with various projects and has paved the way for potential partnerships. Among those that the Ubex team had the pleasure of meeting were Nagata Toyoshi, CEO of Showcase Capital, Yusuke Otsubo, managing partner of United Managers Japan, Osamu Utsunomiya, MD of Ramei Global, Yabo Cui, alliance director of the Atma blockchain accelerator, Cooz Komei Tokita, chief commercial officer or Cryptos Fund, Hayashi Masayasu, venture capitalist of SBI investment, and many others.

Alex Korobkov Ubex Head of Europe with Yabo Cui alliance director Atma blockchain accelerator

Slush Tokyo is a grand-scale expo and forum uniting more than 6 thousand participants, including startup founders, investors, technological enthusiasts and blockchain professionals.

Osamu Utsunomiya, Demir Sadikoglu and Alex Korobkov

The Ubex team continues to attend various venues around the world within the framework of its roadshow and showcase the pioneering project before vast audiences. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.